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Your business is growing. Breaking into new markets and expanding product catalogues. The daunting prospect for many is managing an ever-expanding list of products and making sure customers see your product in the same way, everywhere. Without a centralised system to oversee this vast volume of information, product data becomes fragmented. Entry errors, uneven updates, and inconsistencies across touchpoints degrade the shopping experience, which can leave the customer confused and to head elsewhere.

Enter PIM. Product information management (PIM) systems streamline product management by centralising your data into a single source of truth, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and real-time updates across all your sales channels. This not only strengthens your product quality but also accelerates the process, freeing up valuable time to focus on strategic areas of business, rather than admin.

For your business, PIM empowers greater efficiency and productivity, removing manual processes and freeing up time to focus on other areas of business like CX. For your customers, PIM enhances the shopping journey by delivering consistent and seamless experiences across all touchpoints, fostering higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Unlock the benefits of PIM

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✓ Simplify global expansion

✓ Accelerate time to market

✓ Enhance customer experience

✓ Streamline translations

✓ Expand across new channels

✓ Increase team efficiency

✓ Reduce operational cost

✓ Drive revenue growth

A partner of leading PIM solutions

We collaborate with world-leading PIM solutions. Tryzens is a certified Bronze Akeneo Partner with deep product expertise in Akeneo, its configuration for large product catalogues, and integration across leading digital commerce platforms.

We are also a Pimberly partner, an enterprise PIM platform that serves to enhance the online shopping experience, and a Comestri partner, a platform that helps manage and publish product data across the omnichannel experience. 

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To discover where you are on the pathway to product experience perfection, take the Akeneo PXM maturity assessment. Pinpoint your strengths, identify your capability gaps.

We unlock client growth with PIM

We help a luxury online watchmaker that utilises Akeneo’s Community edition. Faced with expanding product data, they struggled to maintain consistency, which hampered their ability to deliver seamless online shopping for their customers.

Through the PIM platform, the watchmaker has a centralised hub of rich data that streamlines updates and accelerates time to market for new products. With greater accuracy, product information can be as precise as their timepieces.

We implemented Akeneo for a long-established retail chain to modernise their produce data management. As its product list increased in volume and complexity, it was impeding their ability to manage efficiently and synchronise product information updates across its platforms.

The PIM solution revamped the retail chain’s product data management, providing them with real-time accuracy across their expanding catalogue. Equipped with a central hub for product data, the retailer can deliver seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints.

We carried out PIM consulting for a renowned international book publisher who was dealing with multiple challenges: poor data quality, disorganised product management, slow product launches, and the inability to provide cataloguing to high-growth marketplaces.

Our guidance helped them instil better data quality governance to support their strategic initiatives. This included automating SKUs to help scale across different regions and marketplaces, accelerating the time to market for new products, and enhancing collaboration between business units.


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