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Salesforce is a complete ecommerce solution; an enabler of digital transformation. Through its suite of cloud platforms, businesses can connect and integrate data from different systems to power a 360-degree view of their customers, enabling them to deliver seamless personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints.

As an official Salesforce partner, Tryzens leverages the full range of its capabilities, helping to unlock opportunities to propel businesses into the new age of innovation and customer-centric growth.

Salesforce features

Salesforce comes with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box features, helping you to lead the line on the digital frontier. These include:

Artificial intelligence


Integrate AI capabilities across the Salesforce ecosystem to streamline processes and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Single customer view


Consolidate your customer data across touchpoints to provide a unified profile for personalized insights and improved customer experiences.



Add a layer of intelligence with features like predictive analytics, machine learning, & natural language processing.

Compostable Storefront


Build compelling storefronts with fast and flexible architecture, leveraging a headless approach to accelerate time to market.

Mobile optimized


Deliver mobile-first experiences to best engage customers and provide a seamless journey across devices.

Heightened personalization


Scale personalized recommendations, rewards, and discounts to generate individualized interactions.

B2B, B2C, D2C


Empower your digital capabilities no matter your business model, with Salesforce supporting B2C, B2B, and D2C operations.

Omnichannel experiences


By leveraging the ecosystem, you can create a seamless experience across all channels, no matter how and when your customer chooses to shop.

We’re a Salesforce Partner Advisory Board Member

We input and feedback directly on the roadmap for Commerce Cloud on a global scale. This means that we can effect change and advocate for customer wants and needs.

Salesforce technology

Empower your digital commerce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers digital commerce by providing a robust, cloud-based platform for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and prowess. Streamlining operations, it offers seamless customer experiences, personalization features, and omnichannel capabilities.

Build lifelong customer relationships

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you make data-driven decisions, allowing you to craft personalized customer journeys, ensuring robust data management for intricate datasets, unifying diverse marketing needs through integrated features like email, lead scoring, social media, and campaign tracking.

Drive growth with a single source of truth

Salesforce Sales Cloud excels in driving sales efficiency with features like lead management, opportunity tracking, and collaborative tools. Its robust analytics empower data-driven decision-making, while seamless integration ensures a unified and streamlined sales process, fostering enhanced customer relationships and overall business growth.

Evolve into a data-driven business

Salesforce Data Cloud unlocks the potential of customer data, allowing teams to seamlessly engage customers at every touchpoint. By connecting and harmonizing data from various systems, it creates a holistic view of each customer, powering impactful customer interactions. The Einstein 1 Platform is natively integrated into Data Cloud.

Centralize how you handle the order lifecycle

Salesforce Order Management is a customer-centric platform that enables orders from any touchpoint. It empowers customers to seamlessly track and manage orders across the entire lifecycle. Brands benefit from integrated and customisable business processes, efficiently handling order fulfilment, shipping, payment capture, invoicing, and service.

Salesforce case studies

Our Salesforce accelerators

Removing the barriers to digital commerce with accelerated implementation and managed services

Composable Storefront

Our dedicated composable solution that provides an out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, providing brands a quick and affordable way to customize their digital storefronts to meet the needs of their customers without disrupting the shopping experience.

Spark Salesforce

Launch a brand-rich storefront with this enterprise-class solution in just 12 weeks, with capability to integrate with the whole Salesforce cloud suite. This solution also comes complete with pre-integrated third parties, our design system, and full compatibility with the upgrade path.

Spark Quick Start Subscriptions

Offer relationship commerce services such as subscriptions, memberships, and predictive reordering to encourage recurring revenue and build loyalty. It includes a license for Salesforce Order Management and its full range of functionality for orders across all channels.

Spark Quick Start Channels

Built to connect social channels directly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Order Management, depending on your requirements. Quick Start Channels includes a license for Salesforce Order Management and its full range of functionality for orders across all channels.

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