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Digital commerce comes in all shapes and sizes. Over the years we’ve understood that while there is no typical path to growth for our clients, there are a series of logical milestones along the path of growth. Some businesses speed past them without noticing, but sooner or later, will likely double back.

In our experience, a successful digital commerce operation within a business is constructed on a series of building blocks, layers of competence, and discipline, which need to be bedded in and maintained before the business can confidently move to the next level.

We pride ourselves in offering only the service that you need at the right time, rather than tout a standard service catalog whether your business requires it or not.

Strategy & insights

We'll apply our expertise, insight, and industry experience to inform, or build you, a world-class strategic plan. We'll itemize your critical priorities and establish a comprehensive decision-making process that will inform everything from your solution design to your technology selection and business case validation.

We're proud that our strategic planning and research capability is something you would expect from one of the big global consultancies, just without the price tag.

We pride ourselves in offering only the service that you need at the right time, rather than tout a standard service catalog whether your business requires it or not.

  • ^Strategic assessment
  • ^Customer experience (CX) strategy
  • ^Roadmap prioritization
  • ^CRO strategy
  • ^Customer research
  • ^Persona & customer journey mapping
  • ^Capability audit
  • ^Technical debt prioritization
  • ^Solution & technical architecture
  • ^Digital transformation
  • ^Agnostic platform discovery
  • ^Platform migration analysis
  • ^Global expansion strategy
  • ^Unified commerce & new channel enablement
  • ^Unified customer & inventory management
  • ^Business case development
  • ^RFPs for solutions & products

Delivering insights and digital strategies that power growth

Whether you’re already a digital-first business or are just getting started, we can help you shape the strategies that take your business to the next level. We take a holistic view and advise what levers you can pull, in what order, to create the most authentic experiences that engage, convert, and nurture customers, backed by the experience of our team that has worked in the retail space and with clients across the globe.

The first goal of any engagement is to understand your customers, your goals, and constraints that you face as a business. Our team then collaborate with you to design and bring about the experience, scope, and capability required, signposting the resourcing, plans, and costs necessary to achieve your outcomes.

A connected experience that joins the dots for your customers across all channels and provides real insight into your business has to be at the heart of a commerce strategy. You can learn more about our connected experiences here.

Dune steps up online and evolves to meet the customer – no matter the channel

As a brand, Dune London understand the importance of a perfect pair of shoes for the right occasion, and it is with that ethos that they have built their reputation.
The traditionally brick and mortar retailer made the decision to enhance their ecommerce site to meet market changes, the rise in online shopping, and the evolution of digital savvy customers.

Customer experience & design

CX and design are often the make or break for any digital commerce channel balancing the creative engagement with your customers with the compelling need for performance. Our teams know what will work and what won't. They operate in a continuous learning loop, leveraging data, insights, and customer profiling to inform and provide direction to prioritize the constantly refining approaches to different cohorts and audiences.

We'll help refine your customer profiles to drive engagement with your brand and build a path to purchase that's intuitive, familiar, compelling, and authentic.

  • ^Information architecture (IA) design
  • ^User experience design
  • ^Storefront UI design
  • ^Design systems
  • ^UX audits
  • ^Experience optimization
  • ^Accessibility audits
  • ^Competitor analysis
  • ^User testing
  • ^Creative and brand design

Creating experiences that drive engagement

Understanding your audience is critical to creating compelling and intuitive experiences. Enabling your customers to access the products they want, across the channels they are active on, in a way that is intuitive, familiar, and resonates with your brand and service will help build loyalty and keep them coming back.

When designing your customer journeys, it’s essential to put the them at the heart of the design and to maintain signposts that provide consistency across all their interactions to reduce friction. Each touchpoint should be an opportunity to build rapport and provide an opportunity to impress through subtle personalization and connection into a seamless experience.

Our CX experts will work in collaboration with your team, creating a seamless end-to-end experience that reflects your brand, addresses customer needs, and improves lifetime value.

Penfolds takes the world by storm by bringing the cellar door to customers

Customers regard Penfolds as a premium, luxury and high-end winemaker. Penfolds had bold ambitions to offer their customers an experience online that could parallel a visit to the cellar door, including their memberships, subscriptions, exclusive products, and bespoke services, no matter where customers were located across the world.

Build & integrate

We are experts in the requirements validation, design, project management, and technical delivery of high-quality, high-performing ecommerce storefronts, apps, marketplaces, and social stores. We do this alongside the wider commerce ecosystem, including the unseen but invaluable solutions, from payments to OMS, from CMS to PIM.

In our world, if everything is not working together, it's not working. Our clients trust us to build beautiful experiences, seamlessly integrated to deliver closer customer relationships and growth.

  • ^Requirements documentation
  • ^Solution design
  • ^Technical audits
  • ^Enterprise or headless delivery
  • eCommerce, OMS, PIM & app
  • Fixed scope or agile delivery
  • Project planning & governance
  • Accelerators & third-party integrations
  • QA, end-to-end, & UAT
  • ^Automation suite development
  • ^Continuous integration & development
  • ^Proof of concept solutions
  • ^Team augmentation
  • ^Omnichannel enablement
  • ^Single view of customer, stock, & product

Implementing the best solutions to drive your digital success

With 300+ talented digital commerce professionals, from business analysts and project managers to designers and developers, and from architects to QA experts, Tryzens is your trusted partner to augment and enable your team to bring your digital commerce initiatives to life.

Whether you are building a new ecommerce storefront, undertaking a replatform, implementing a multichannel OMS, or launching a native app, we have the team, the experience, and the skills to help you achieve your goals with confidence on quality, scope, timing, and costs. Our team prides itself on helping clients make informed choices about technology, architecture, and solution designs that help mitigate the risk of under- or over-investment or creating technical debt that would slow down progress or increase costs in the future.

To keep up with changing customer preferences, you need to regularly assess the opportunity to optimize your digital KPIs and engagement, leveraging technology and know-how to keep you current and performing. Whether your need is to drive customer acquisition and organic SEO, such as through headless or composable architectures, or driving loyalty, frequency, and lifetime value through a dynamically-linked native app capability.

Liberty London is a heritage brand with an advanced future

As an iconic British retail brand with globally-renowned heritage, Liberty London’s online presence needed to be able to exemplify the experience and ethos of its flagship London West End department store, with a strong focus on customer service and choice.

liberty lifestyle image


Our Tryzens Global LiveOps team work around the clock, 365 days a year, proactively monitoring and supporting our clients' storefronts and digital commerce environments, ensuring all feeds and functions are optimal. 

Clients trust us to keep them trading, and making sure that their customer journeys are positive and their experience unencumbered, whether in the middle of the night or during  business peak trade periods. We coordinate action across all parties that together deliver a seamless experience. There is an exceptionally high degree of accountability in the culture of our business, nowhere more so than our LiveOps.

  • ^24/7 coverage from highly-trained specialists
  • ^Proactive, automated monitoring via real-time dashboards for:
  • ^end-to-end incident management covering third-party technologies
  • ^Penetration testing, data loss prevention, & security incident management
  • ^PCI DSS & ISO27001-certified delivery process & change control
  • ^Automated testing setup
  • ^Regulatory certification support
  • ^Roadmap & backlog planning
  • ^Peak trade enhanced service suite, load testing, and hypercare
  • ^Commerce platform updates, including impact assessments & release management
  • ^Accessibility audits & maintenance
  • ^Service-level reporting & reviews
  • ^Client team augmentation (e.g. holiday cover)

Always on, so you can be off

One of our core values is being aligned to the goals and outcomes of our clients, and we take this seriously. We passionately believe that your trade across all digital channels and systems should be assured and optimized for you around the clock, 365 days a year. This ensures maximum sales opportunity and positive customer experience no matter what time zones you trade in or the scale of peak trade.

We’ve crafted a comprehensive active monitoring service that monitors a vast array of metrics and activities around the clock. These services look for changes in performance against a range of leading KPIs and thresholds in order to spot issues quickly and proactively resolve them before they can become problems.

Our highly trained team of LiveOps specialists will analyze the actionable insights coming from the site performance, customer journeys, data feeds and integrations, system security, trading, and accessibility tools to provide active support to mitigate false positives and proactively identify current of potential risks to address to sustain trading.

Sweaty Betty races ahead by creating an unbeatable experience

We’ve been working with Sweaty Betty to continually evolve their digital commerce offering for their customers. We were side by side with them as they went headless, leveraging Composable Storefront. As a result, they’ve seen a 40% reduction in page load times, and increased conversion and agility to make changes in days, rather than weeks.


The art of trading effectively online is always evolving. Different technologies, different innovations, hardware and software updates, new SKUs, new regions, new campaigns, and new customer behaviors. We will deliver your business insight and hard evidence to prioritize changes that will drive greater value from your investment and build better experiences for your customers.

When so much is possible, having a partner who will help you stay one step ahead can be a real business advantage. The Tryzens Global teams pride themselves on thinking about not only now, but next.

  • ^ROI-focused opportunity analysis
  • Peak readiness support
  • Insight-driven replatform support
  • Market analysis & competitive benchmarking
  • ^CRO program management
  • Prioritization & roadmapping
  • Experiment builds & management
  • Campaign performance tracking
  • ^Insights as a service
  • On-demand focused analyses and ROI-driven recommendations
  • Quick win identification and prioritization
  • Behavioral analytics & CX designer-shaped solutions

Boosting the full potential of your site to engage your customers

Launching a digital commerce channel is just the starting point; the environment it operates in is dynamic, ever changing through consumer behaviors, competitive trading, and technological innovation.

To deliver the best value from your investment, you should be continuously evidencing and re-evaluating what your customers naturally expect from you and identify potential friction points to address to keep you at the fore of your market. Our team of optimization specialists work with you to identify and prioritize the low hanging fruit to drive greater engagement; but we also dig deeper to find areas where we can drive significant improvement. We’re on hand to provide data-driven analysis of changing customer behavior to guide you on the changes to prioritize. This means you build lasting relationships with your customer base, improve trading metrics, and increase lifetime value.

Around 60% of shoppers say that they prefer to use shopping apps over mobile websites because of the improved user experience and capabilities. The Tryzens Shopper App leverages your Salesforce storefront alongside native app functionality, removing the operational burden and cost of managing content and promotions across two platforms while giving you the flexibility to present both channels with different experiences.

Hush's optimization program produces a positive ROI in just 2 weeks

Hush partnered with Tryzens to help drive several strategic initiatives including long-term optimization and experimentation. Tryzens' CRO specialists were brought on board to analyze the results, provide a number of hypotheses and recommendations across the site, and as an initial step, help the team deliver their first test to prove ROI through CRO.

Our products

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As a business we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so we invest significantly in R&D every year to create Tryzens solutions that address common problems and challenges we see in the market. These solutions help our clients solve problems, reduce costs, enhance customer experience, and accelerate time to market, time and time again.

Composable Storefront


Our flexible, headless storefront capability for Salesforce Commerce Cloud leverages the power of the native Salesforce product suite, helping you innovate at speed and take control of your brand experience.

Shopper App


Tryzens Shopper App leverages your storefront alongside native app functionality. This removes the operational burden and cost of managing multiple platforms while giving you the flexibility to present both channels with different experiences.

Tryzens Storefront


Unlock growth with our composable ecommerce storefront powered by Remix. Seamlessly blend and customize components to create a tailored shopping experience that's authentic to your brand. With our approach, you can effortlessly integrate new features and scale your online presence to meet evolving customer needs.

Fast Track


Accelerate your digital journey with our Core Framework, designed for rapid deployment. This framework ensures a quick and smooth launch of your custom, professional Shopify 2.0 website in just 6 to 8 weeks.



The wholistic solution that combines digital storefronts and supply chain from DHL. Fulfil your direct-to-consumer ambitions from first click to loyal customer.

Commerce platforms

For proven customer-led, technology-backed platforms, Look Up.

As a technology-agnostic agency, we take a holistic approach to understanding market and client needs. We map the best fit to the relevant leading vendors to determine which solution best suits your business needs, your budgets, and your plans for future growth.

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