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About Bamford

Bamford is a luxury brand for sustainable body care, skincare, clothing, and the home. It was founded on the belief that we need to be mindful of our connection to the earth; to live consciously and be respectful of nature’s resources.

Carole Bamford, the founder, has been a champion of sustainable, mindful living for over 40 years. Bamford partners with craftspeople and communities who bring their collections to life in an ethically minded and conscious way, nurturing traditional skills and championing artisanal methods.

The company designs its clothing collections for maximum longevity, part of their commitment to holding a deep respect for the materials they work with, with an emphasis on natural fibers and organic ingredients.


✓  Business analysis
✓  Custom UX & UI design
✓  Website development & implementation
✓  Re-platform
  On-site delivery, support, & training
  Continuous integration & development
  International expansion

Commerce Platform

Adobe Commerce Cloud

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5.2% boost in ecommerce sales
136% increase in users
174% increase in sessions           17% boost in sessions per user

The Brief


Bamford is a distinguished brand with a strong sustainability and wellness ethic. They were looking for a trusted partner to facilitate the next step in their digital growth strategy.

A major aspect of this project was to replatform to a digital commerce platform that was able to fulfill a number of key capabilities. These included delivering a compelling and intuitive user experience, the robustness and scalability to expand into new markets, and facilitate sustained ecommerce growth.

A critical component of its strategy was to showcase its recently launched fitness and wellness club, the new 3,500-acre home where members can indulge in a 360-degree wellness experience. A digital presence was needed to allow customers to browse its core facilities, search classes, and inquire about memberships – as well as full integration with Bamford‘s ecommerce store.


The Solution

Bamford’s digital presence was fully renovated with the launch of two websites, an ecommerce store with an enhanced user experience and an exclusive site for Bamford club members. 

This double-edged solution transformed Bamford’s digital offering by providing their customers with a fully integrated and immersive user experience that connects ecommerce with its fitness and wellness club while allowing the brand to expand into new countries.

We migrated their ecommerce store to Adobe Commerce after carefully analyzing what Bamford needed to reach the next level of their growth journey. Adobe Commerce was the best fit for their digital ambitions as it offers scalability, easy customizations, deep out-of-the-box functionality, and integration capabilities.

The capabilities of both new sites include enhanced user experience and navigation, creating a clearer digital journey with impactful product presentation. We integrated Klevu to leverage its artificial intelligence capabilities to power smart search functionality.

We installed subscription services to ease the repurchasing experience, enabling customers to auto-replenish their products monthly, every 3 months, or 6 months, with incentives such as discounts and free delivery.

Both websites benefit from multiple payment options that include Klarna and Apple Pay, which broadens customer choice in how they want to pay, catering to the payment preferences of each shopper.

The Club by Bamford invites new members to indulge in a 360º wellness experience that incorporates health, fitness, and holistic well-being. The site was created using Mindbody integration, a cloud-based online scheduling software that allows customers to book wellness clinics and spas easily. It also connects with the Bamford ecommerce store to allow users to switch between the two websites.

“After an extensive selection process, we knew that Tryzens was the right partner to help us with our digital strategy, analyze, and assess which platform would cater to our needs and support us in achieving our long-term ambitions.”

Lilly Newell, 

Managing Director, 



Key Integrations


The Results


Since the implementation of their new website, Bamford has grown its customer base, with an increase of 136% in the total number of users year-on-year. The new design, user experience, and media showcasing has also driven engagement upwards, with a 174% boost in sessions and a 17% increase in sessions per user, so more users are having more interactions with the ecommerce store.

With the enhancement of their ecommerce store, Bamford has seen a year-on-year increase of 5.2% in ecommerce sales. Plus, with Adobe Commerce, day-to-day website operations are easier to manage, allowing for continuous optimization to cater to changing customer expectations and emerging trends.

The launch of The Club by Bamford, the website for its fitness and wellness membership club, showcases the core facilities, from its gym, classes, studios, and spa to the restaurant, terrace, and retreats.

The Club website also facilitates inquiries into the tiers of membership options and delves into its sustainability practices and features insights from current members. In the 10 months since its launch, The Club website has already received almost 70,000 users and a high engagement rate, with more than half a million user interactions, such as clicks, downloads, and page loads.

“Our new digital commerce capabilities, coupled with our fruitful partnership with Tryzens, has truly exceeded our expectations. The implementation of mobile-first architecture and the subsequent growth across the board has affirmed our confidence in the transformative impact of our digital strategy.” 

Natalie Dimmock, 

eCommerce Trading Manager, 


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