Hush Homewear increases conversion rate and drives positive ROI in just 2 weeks


About Hush


Founded 17 years ago by Australian creative director Mandy Watkins, Hush Homewear has grown into a leading retailer of women’s clothing and accessories that are characterised by the brand’s elegant simplicity and laidback sense of style.

Hush has gone from strength to strength since its inception and in recent years has taken significant steps to enrich its digital strategy to provide a mobile-first, intuitive experience for its customers.

In 2021 the retailer partnered with Tryzens to support the brand’s growth plans and implement several strategic projects.


  • NBusiness analysis
  • NCustom UX & UI design
  • NWebsite development & implementation
  • NConversion rate optimisation
  • NTechnical SEO
  • NOn-site delivery, support & training

Commerce Platform


+£68kincremental annualised revenue benefit

+2.77%uplift in conversion rate

-0.49%decrease in exit checkout rate

SalesForce Commerce Cloud

The Brief

Conversion rate optimisation has become a significant area of importance within Hush’s digital strategy and in 2021, the retailer embarked on a journey to create a robust long-term CRO & experimentation strategy.

As an initial step, the team engaged with Contentsquare, a leader in digital experience intelligence and analytics, to research customer behaviour (particularly mobile checkout), journey analysis, and zoning analysis.

Faced with a wealth of information but internal resource constraints, Hush needed strategic support and expertise to deliver on Contentsquare’s insights and produce an initial test as a proof of value.

Tryzens’ CRO specialists were brought on board to analyse the results, provide a number of hypotheses and recommendations across the site and, as an initial step, help the team deliver their first test to prove an ROI through CRO.

The Challenge

Frustrations with mobile checkout


After analysing the data and modelling the expected uplift, Hush and Tryzens decided to prioritise testing mobile checkout to catch the low hanging fruit and prove value quickly.

Although sessions on mobile were 2x higher than desktop, revenue was not reflective of this, which put mobile journey and engagement under the microscope.

Working in collaboration with Tryzens’ CRO specialists, a deep dive into customer behaviour during the checkout journey uncovered user frustrations such as:

  • Instances of multiple mobile pageviews on the delivery checkout page – ie, they are looking for something that is not easily found.
  • Users were abandoning the delivery checkout page before seeing the Order Summary section, reverting back to pages higher up the funnel rather than completing their transaction.
  • Click recurrence on unclickable page elements causing confusion.
  • The primary CTA ‘Proceed to payment’ had a higher click recurrence for users that exit, suggesting they are more likely to experience an error filling out their delivery details.

The solution

Reducing complexity and improving user experience

It was clear that there were too many distracting elements on the mobile checkout delivery page which increased the likelihood of customers leaving the page. By removing the distractions and testing a simplified layout, hush were able to keep users in the flow and increase checkout progression rate and CVR.

Adjustments were made to:

The page header
This included a collapsed order summary section at the top of the page, allowing the user to focus on form completion and always have the primary CTA visible within the page, whilst also persisting important order information without compromising on page length for narrow viewports on mobile devices.

Including the delivery and payment accordions which were unnecessarily adding visual fixation and busyness at the top of the page. Side-by-side ‘Delivery and Click & Collect’ tabs and icons were also introduced to improve usability.

Text entry & Form Fields
Improve form field clarity and introducing a ‘successfully filled in’ state with validation tick to minimise distractions within the flow.

The new checkout design reduced customer frustrations and provides a well-structured, premium experience to align to the premium brand positioning which has positively impacted user behaviour and conversion.

Key integrations

“At Hush we recognise the value of experimentation and kick starting a rigorous CRO Programme here is important to us. That’s why we were very impressed with Tryzens’ “Treatment” approach to the mobile checkout journey based off valuable Contentsquare data insights. It’s so important to get off to a great start with a programme, and the collaborative effort from Tryzens’ demonstrated the value of testing to the wider business as reflected in the results.“

Sara Berrada

CRO Specialist, Hush Homewear

Site features

The Results

The new checkout improved user experience and as a result, reduced exit rate and increased conversion rate.

This supported our hypothesis and changes allowed users to easily navigate through the checkout and convert. Data also indicates that users are less frustrated and overwhelmed by steps in the checkout as checkout exit rate has significantly reduced.

Scroll rate (percentage of the page viewed) increased by +37% and reduced time to complete checkout, meaning users are seeing more of the page in less time.This suggests required next steps are clearer to the user.


incremental annualised revenue benefit through more conversions


uplift in conversion rate


decrease in exit checkout rate