Bardot launches new CX and platform


Leading fashion brand, Bardot, has successfully migrated from Salesforce SiteGenesis to Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA), helping to enhance its customer experience and strengthen its digital commerce offering.

The migration follows the culmination of a dedicated year-long effort to enhance Bardot’s online presence, resulting in the launch of four key sites:

1. Bardot 
2. Bardot USA
3. Bardot Junior
4. Bardot Junior USA 

Migrating from SiteGenesis to SFRA represents a strategic decision for the brand, which had ambitions to elevate its online presence and embrace modern, flexible ecommerce solutions. SFRA is one of the latest versions of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It’s mobile-first and has a large set of third-party integrations that can support it. This makes it ideal for brands to quickly adapt to evolving market trends and customer expectations.

The upgrade makes the website work better and faster, and it can handle more users without slowing down. This means it’s easier for people to use, especially on their phones. Plus, it makes it easier for Bardot to roll out new features and integrations to improve the sites. This way, SFRA represents a strategy to future-proof Bardot’s digital infrastructure.

We’re thrilled to have successfully migrated four of our key sites to the SFRA framework, allowing us to align with our commitment to delivering the best online experiences to our customers. The initial success underscores the positive impact of the migration, which was a critical step in our journey to modernize our online presence. As we continue our digital growth journey, our partnership with Tryzens has been instrumental in strategically guiding us through the complexities of digital transformation.

Basil Artemides,

CEO at Bardot

In the 3 months following the launch of the Bardot sites, all vital indicators are blinking green, demonstrating the robust health of the newly implemented SFRA-powered websites. This includes increases in customers and engagement.

Flagship site results

  • 16.7% increase in online customers

  • 200% spike in events recorded on the site

  • 23% increase in the average purchase revenue per user 

USA site results

  • 21.5% increase in online customers

  • 13.6% increase in the average purchase revenue per user 

The project marked a significant milestone in Tryzens’ partnership with Bardot following its transition into a pureplay brand. Bardot chose Tryzens to provide them with the best possible support, insights, and strategy and implementation standards, which also helped them launch their digital debut in the US market.

Tryzens’ ongoing support helps to shape the brand’s strategic roadmap by looking ahead. By analyzing the technologies that fuel continuous improvement. By discovering the possibilities to move forward in digital commerce.

“By embracing SFRA, Bardot has gained a powerful architecture that allows it to fully prioritize its customers with a customizable, scalable, and mobile-first solution. This strategic migration ensures enhanced site performance and a responsive user experience, allowing Bardot to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Building on the initial success, we look forward to crafting a future strategy and fostering a lasting partnership, using the right technologies to propel Bardot towards greater success.”

Andy Burton,

CEO at Tryzens

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