The Tryzens Leaders Summit: the new era of customer retention and loyalty

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The current retail landscape has ushered in a new era of customer retention and loyalty.

In an environment punctuated by steep costs of acquisition and challenging budget constraints, businesses are having to do more with less. Those that are thriving in these times of turbulence are shifting to a strategy that centers on retention. One that preserves and nurtures existing customers, that eliminates friction and encourages loyalty.

To help businesses navigate this new terrain, Tryzens recently hosted a summit breakfast with some of Australia’s leading retailers in collaboration with Online Retailer.

The panel

Paul Greenberg | Chair, National Online Retailers Association (NORA)

Dan Ferguson | Chief Marketing Officer, Adore Beauty

Nicole Shepherd | Digital Experience Product & Customer, Big W

Lynna Barnard | General Manager of eCommerce, MYER

Leanne Franks | Head of Customer Experience, Tryzens

During the 40-minute discussion, the panel laid out their omnichannel tool kits and shared their insight into:

  • Delivering on both value and price for customers 

  • Harnessing customer data and behavior to build engaging, seamless experiences 

  • Fostering collaboration and partnerships

  • Bringing consistency across touchpoints

  • Creating personalized connections through innovative technology

  • Embedding artificial intelligence (AI) to smoothen the pathway to purchase

If you want an audit of your online channels or measure the connectivity between your physical and digital spaces, then connect with Tryzens. We’ll help you identify the key areas of opportunity to enhance your brand’s customer-first omnichannel strategy. 

Watch the Tryzens Leaders Summit discussion below:

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