The CX series: personalization versus expectation 

The CX Series on Personalization versus Expectation

What a lot of people consider personalization is now an expectation – an established part of the customer journey. When you’re shopping online for a dress and are shown a matching bag and shoes to complete the look, is that an authentic personalization experience or an expected feature? 

Tryzens’ Principal CX Consultant and CRO specialist Aimee Hart talks us through the differences between creating an authentic, one-to-one experience and delivering something effective that is part of an expected online journey. 

We work with our clients to channel their intrigue and curiosity of their customers into effective personalization strategies. It all boils down to using what we know about customers to deliver something relevant and impactful. 

We have our own approach to testing personalization that is modelled around testing strategic business priorities and analyzing how they change customer behavior. We use this approach with some of our clients, which has led to broad improvements in the customer experience. 

But how do you accurately measure the impact of personalization? With no cookie-cutter approach, Aimee points toward paying close attention to the full customer journey – rather than just looking at any uplift from a particular experiment. 

Finally, Aimee highlights the role of artificial intelligence in personalization, identifying areas where brands and retailers can see the most benefit of implementing AI into personalization strategies to spend more time on innovating and staying ahead of the competition. 

Watch the first in the CX series: personalization versus expectation

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