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Technology and lifestyle are deeply interconnected in our modern world, with consumer electronics responding to and reshaping our daily lives.

From smartphones to smart fridges, user-friendly devices are increasingly meeting our personal and professional needs. The driving forces are varied: greater convenience, higher productivity, responding to shifts in work patterns.

There is a big demand for IoT devices; smart appliances that connect with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, voice assistants, and other apps that share data to make life easier – whether in the office or at home. Within the next 3 years, the consumer electronics market is expected to reach $990 billion.

While there is a healthy appetite for electronics goods, multiple hurdles line the pathway to growth for consumer electronics brands. Whether you have a B2B or D2C approach, if they’re not overcome, they’ll constrain the customer experience and hold down sales growth. Here’s a breakdown of the main culprits.

Current pain points for consumer electronics goods companies

The pain points of electronics brands

Lack of specialty storage. Consumer electronics, being delicate and expensive, require special storage conditions. However, most warehouses are not designed for this. Manually assigning spaces and recording products for special handling is time-consuming and crucial to prevent breakage or damage.

Guessing stock levels. Consumer goods is a fluid, fast-moving industry where new models and products are continually being released. Products tend to have short lifecycles. This makes it difficult to make informed predictions about stock quantities — finding the balance between outdated stockpiles and stockouts of popular products.

Complex, granular tracking. Managing consumer goods is high maintenance. It’s not just the product SKU that needs to be recorded and tracked but also the electronic serial number (ESN) or mobile equipment IDs (IMEI) – essential for warranty claims.

Inconsistent product information. For B2Bs and D2Cs with an ecommerce store, showcasing detailed product information that is consistent across all touchpoints is crucial for providing customers with the information they need to make informed decisions. Inconsistent product information leaves customers questioning the accuracy of the product and even the trustworthiness of your brand.

Lack of customer data. When electronics goods brands lack a consistent flow of customer data, there is more guesswork involved in how their customers engage with the brand, what they’re looking for, and knowing their payment preferences – among other things. This is especially true of B2Bs and D2Cs with no ecommerce store, as third parties will hold valuable customer data.

Tailored solutions for electronics goods brands

By implementing the right technology solutions, electronics goods brands can fulfil their growth goals by optimizing workflows and productivity, key levers for increasing sales and delivering next-level customer experiences.

This calls for a precise and innovative approach to achieve key business objectives. From end-to-end transformation to modular optimization, Tryzens’ digital solutions and services support consumer goods [LP] brands, manufacturers, and producers to develop and grow their D2C and B2B channels.

Many of the benefits of digital commerce overlap between B2B and D2C. These include:

Access to customer data. This gives you access to valuable first-party data and behavior that enables more informed marketing, sales, and product development decisions.

Control over the CX. Ownership of customer data and the purchase environment also enables the creation of personalized, immersive experiences informed by customers’ behavior and preferences across touchpoints.

Building customer relationships and loyalty. Engaging directly with customers provides the best opportunity to get to know their needs and build long-lasting relations, helping to boost average order value, repeat purchases, and the brand’s customer-first reputation.

Instant feedback on products and promotions. A direct relationship provides the ability to receive direct customer feedback instantly, giving the opportunity to quickly adjust or change when appropriate.

Ability to offer full product range. Retailers often limit the products or range that they will stock. By selling directly, there are no retailer restrictions, allowing you to sell your full product range.

So, how can electronics goods brands grow their digital commerce capabilities and maximize these benefits?

The Tryzens-DHL partnership

Electronics goods solutions

Tryzens partners with the global logistics leader DHL to provide fast, scalable and cost-effective solutions in the D2C and B2B markets, helping to enhance both digital and supply chain capabilities.

ConsumerDirect is our D2C solution; OutletDirect is our B2B solution.

Both solutions enable brands to tap into the power and global reach of DHL and its range of services, which include (1) dedicated storage centers and efulfillment services, (2) personalized services such as branded packaging and subscriptions, (3) handling of returns, recycling, and product diagnostics, and (4) data analysis to optimize multi-channel flows.

DHL also provides technical services, such as device-as-a-service (DaaS) capabilities, helping to reduce downtime and costs as well as improve operational resilience.

ConsumerDirect: the D2C solution

When asked if they prefer to shop directly with a brand, only 7% of shoppers said no, according to the Tryzens’ Consumer Insight Report. Our analysis found that the best online experiences are those that feel intuitive and make customers feel understood. They are loyal to a brand that knows what products they like and is fed into a personalized experience.

By having the right journey analysis and systems in place, you can start to learn more about your customers to build experiences that feel authentic and convenient. Our report also found that with a rewarding loyalty program, 83% of customers will shop more with a brand.

Tryzens works with D2Cs to empower their customer relationships and drive growth through our ConsumerDirect solution. In partnership with DHL, it combines Tryzens’ digital commerce expertise and ongoing support with DHL’s global logistics excellence, from warehousing and fulfilment to customer support.

ConsumerDirect provides you with best-in-class features and functionality to make your customer experience engaging and intuitive. It gives you access to:

Valuable customer information, such as data and feedback, can feed into the research and development of product design. This helps align features with what customers want and enhance the buying journey.

Pre-integrated technology partners to remove the heavy lifting involved in digital commerce, including payment solutions, buy now pay later, marketing address validation, logistics, and analytics.

Social selling and AI enablement, deepening your personalization capabilities so you can recommend the right products on the right channels at the right moment – in just a few clicks.

Customer data to power loyalty programs, adding extra layers of customer experience and a new area to boost brand loyalty and drive average order value and repeat purchases.

The power and global reach of DHL, which comes complete with the latest logistics technology for warehousing, co-packing, and last-mile solutions.

Beyond this, ConsumerDirect allows you to differentiate your brand with enhanced capabilities. These include:

Wrapping services around products. Brands that build ancillary services around their core product can both expand their revenue per customer as well as establish a recurring revenue stream. For example, a dishwasher company that sells soap subscriptions.

A smartphone company turning their products into subscriptions, paying a flat fee per month with a built-in upgrade plan. The games console of the future could transform into a subscription service, where players receive a high-end display, 5G access, and personalized controllers – all regularly upgraded through tiered plans.

Focusing on the post-purchase experience. Optimizing fulfilment and logistics can ensure products are delivered at a date, time, and place that suits the customer. Set up white glove delivery services to distinguish your brand, with 95% of customers willing to stay loyal to a brand that provides quality service. If you’re not equipped for this, DHL could provide these services as well as providing testing and set up in distribution centers before pick and pack for delivery.

Set up and testing of devices before they are shipped to the customer and also handling of returns and testing of faulty items.

For both ConsumerDirect and OutletDirect solutions, brands get access to DHL’s comprehensive hardware services that range from the setup and testing of devices before they’re shipped to the handling of returns and testing of faulty items.

OutletDirect: the B2B solution

Digital commerce is sweeping through the B2B landscape, replacing old and inefficient systems with more modern, B2C-like solutions.

Tryzens works with B2Bs to enhance their ecommerce channels, providing greater capabilities to streamline online ordering for independent retailers, restaurants, and other outlets. We’ve laid out the fundamental building blocks for a successful B2B store, including order management streamlined transactions, and customer experience.

We know that small businesses make up a big chunk of your customer base. Our OutletDirect solution, also in partnership with DHL, focusses on better engaging your smaller business customers by optimizing their online ordering experience and making interaction with your brand as seamless as possible.

OutletDirect gives you the capabilities to: 

  • Make the order experience smoother and streamlined. With 83% of B2B buyers preferring to place orders online, ensure your digital commerce store is fast, intuitive, and as frictionless as possible.
  • Upsell and cross-sell, with opportunities to offer promotions and product bundles in addition to the full catalog. This level of control can lead to higher basket value and lifetime customer value.
  • Make shopping easier with a powerful search engine. Help users find B2B consumer electronics through SKUs, part numbers, product descriptions, attributes, and more. With more control over product descriptions, B2B customers will find it easier to get the information they need.
  • Create personalized experiences for every customer with tailored product catalogs, pricing, quoting, ordering, and shipping options. This makes it convenient for other B2B electronics distributors and online electronics customers to come back and make repeat repurchases.
  • Build personalized marketing campaigns via landing pages, tailor discounts and offers depending on certain criteria, such as past purchase spend, and develop loyalty programs to increase engagement and encourage repeat purchases.

Looking to knock down the barriers to growth? Take full control of your customer data. Use it to build compelling customer experiences and help strengthen your customer-first capabilities. If ConsumerDirect or OutletDirect feels like the right solution to drive you forward, connect with Tryzens to continue the conversation.

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