R.M.Williams unveils its digital showroom The Homestead

R.M.Williams' new Homestead

Tryzens is excited to announce the latest milestone in our partnership with iconic Australian footwear brand R.M.Williams. The launch of The Homestead program coincides with the opening of its new global flagship store on George Street, Sydney.

Set across 460 square meters of space, the new store showcases the brand’s entire range across footwear, fashion, and accessories. Key features of the store include a curved boot wall displaying the brand’s footwear.

Complimenting the brand aesthetics is The Homestead, a purpose-built digital showroom that marks a significant milestone in R.M.Williams’ retail strategy.

This digital space introduces groundbreaking capabilities such as virtual boot fitting and personal shopping via video. The Homestead is redefining the in-store experience and aligns with R.M.Williams’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Key highlights of the latest round of implementations include: 

  • Live chat integration: Live chat functionality was seamlessly integrated into R.M.Williams’ storefront using Powerfront’s INSIDE, which provides AI-enabled, real-time messaging solutions tailored to luxury brands. This integration enhances customer engagement and support. Live chat also extends to email user experiences, ensuring a cohesive and responsive communication channel for customers.
  • Intelligent assisted selling: INSIDE was connected to Salesforce Service Cloud to offer a unified and efficient assisted selling experience to its customers. This supports the brand’s new customer service team for Homestead through new process flows and optimized case handling, enabling real-time online advice and personal shopping experiences for customers. 

The opening of the new flagship, combined with its innovative digital showroom, represents a new future for the home of R.M.Williams and fits snugly into the brand’s vision for an enhanced omnichannel customer journey.

As the retail landscape evolves, we’re excited to innovate on the frontlines of digital experiences and support the further growth of R.M.Williams.

We’re thrilled to mark another milestone in our partnership with Tryzens through the launch of our digital showroom The Homestead, which accompanied the opening of R.M.Williams’ new global flagship store. It showcases our commitment to elevating our customer experience and pushing the boundaries of retail. As we look ahead, we remain excited about the future possibilities for customer experiences. And with Tryzens by our side, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of innovation to benefits our customers.

Emily Anders,

Head of Digital at R.M.Williams

The launch of The Homestead represents a big moment for R.M.Williams as it moves into its global flagship store. Being a trusted partner of R.M.Williams, we understand the company’s ethos that is built around customer connections at a personal level. This new milestone honors that tradition of retail innovation and setting new standards for customer experiences.

Andy Burton,

CEO at Tryzens

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