Tryzens Crafts Timely Solution for Christopher Ward to Capture Customers

New Bel Canto watch is a runaway success needing support from Tryzens to manage personal commissions.

After a sell-out initial release of the acclaimed new Blue LE Bel Canto watch in less than 8 hours from launch, Christopher Ward and Tryzens have worked together to create a bespoke online experience that helps customers pre-order across a range of colour ways and strap combinations, whilst providing comfort and clarity around the purchase and fulfilment experience to the customer.

Christopher Ward was founded in 2005 by three owners who shared a passion for horology (the study and measurement of time). To achieve their goal of providing “the cheapest most expensive watches in the world”, they have avoided celebrity endorsements and focused on producing beautiful, high quality watches, with smart engineering and adopting the direct-to-consumer model. A business based on British Design and Swiss Engineering.
Fast forward to November 2022, and Christopher Ward launched their most anticipated new model release to date, the incredibly popular C1 Bel Canto in Azurro Blue and Verde Green. These exclusive watches had huge demand and Tryzens was brought on board to help manage the significant interest and rising customer demand.

Tryzens developed a bespoke ‘commissioning’ or pre-order solution for the C1 Bel Canto watch and give those who missed out on the limited edition launch the chance to commission a watch through the website. The solution allowed those who registered for when the watch would be available for general sale, early access to commission Christopher Ward to build them a Bel Canto and limited the quantity of pre-orders to one per person. This saw a phenomenal uptake with over ten thousand registering interest and a significant number going on to purchase.

The innovative and timely solution gives peace of mind to both the buyer and seller, providing transparency around the commission and splitting the cost of the watch in two, with a deposit being taken upfront before manufacturing, and the balance only paid when Christopher Ward have the item in stock. The customer reaction has been so positive that the solution continues in operation as a core competence and differentiator for the Christopher Ward brand for certain products.

Sammy Benson, Director of Operations & Digital at Christopher Ward said of the partnership:
We challenged Tryzens to deliver a solution by Christmas with only a few weeks’ notice, and we were impressed by their speed, turnaround and quality of work. With the watch’s popularity increasing significantly and after selling out twice, we are thrilled to be able to fulfil so many orders based on this new solution. We are excited to continue to work with Tryzens on future projects to help keep our digital storefront as exciting as our beautifully crafted watches.” 

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens added: “You know when you meet Mike, Pete, Sammy and the team at Christopher Ward that you are working with people who are passionate driven and in touch with their customers. Christopher Ward is a fantastic example of a British brand that has been able to deliver a digital experience that truly immerses the customer in the brand story and has extended that to a personal experience to ensure that customers will not be disappointed and miss out on the amazing Bel Canto. Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to remain competitive, understand their customers and capture their imagination – this new offering does exactly that while making it all transactional. We could not be prouder than supporting the success of Christopher Ward online.”

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