Spotlight: Launching digital flagships, exploring NFTs and connecting channels with OMS 

With Cyber Week behind us and the New Year ahead, many brands and retailers are now shifting their focus to how they can grow sales in tough economic climates. With the unpredictable and climbing cost of acquisition, many are narrowing in on how they can create more loyal customers through unbeatable online experiences that surprise and delight across all channels. In this month’s edition, we showcase why one brand is entering into the metaverse, a revolutionary OMS upgrade for optimisation, and how our partnership with DHL Supply Chain will simplify access to both digital and supply chain capabilities.

Bamford Launches New Digital Flagship

Bamford was built on the belief that consumers should make healthy, environmentally conscious choices. At Tryzens, we too hold these values in great esteem, so we were delighted to perfectly embody Bamford’s values into their new digital experience. We were proud to create a project that allowed them to expand into new countries, better fulfil their business potential, and ensure their values resonate and stand out.

Tryzens extensive knowledge and experience in delivering a wide range of solutions to global lifestyle brands makes us perfectly placed to assist Bamford in achieving their goals. By devising the best digital strategy and assessing which platform would best cater to their needs, Tryzens subsequently migrated their platform to Adobe Commerce. This delivered their new digital commerce capability and storefronts that exceeds business expectations, and will perfectly support Bamford in the achievement of their longer-term ambitions.

Ceci Kerr, Head of digital said: “From day one we have been impressed with the quality and thoroughness of Tryzens’ work, we were delighted to engage them to strategise and deliver our new digital commerce capability and storefronts. The depth of their technical skill and knowledge of the digital commerce space was important to our decision as was their creative approach which reflected great empathy with our brand.  This gave us confidence that we were designing the best solution to support our growth and would be able to deliver the project with aplomb.”

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DHL and Tryzens launch ConsumerDirect

DHL Supply Chain has partnered with Tryzens to offer brands a rapid start, scalable and cost effective direct-to-consumer (D2C) route to market. The creation of ConsumerDirect was driven by the need to simplify access to both digital and supply chain capabilities.

The solution will see DHL and Tryzens work together to make entry into D2C simple and low risk for established brands currently selling through wholesale or retail channels. From consultation and initial set-up to navigating the hurdles of acquiring a direct customer base, the partners will use their expertise to launch industry-leading digital storefronts as well as reconfigure the supply chain in the most efficient way to help brands launch D2C in just weeks with a solution that can scale with them as they grow.

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Penfolds Wines Embarks on Exciting NFT Strategy

Penfolds have embarked on an exciting new strategy partnering with BlockBar to bid on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for Penfolds Magill Cellar 3 at a price of 12.13 Ethereum (equivalent to £12301.10). The owner of the barrel NFT will receive a personalized keepsake barrel head and an opportunity to engage in a selection of special experiences including; a private tasting in Magill Cellar 3 and a ‘day in the life’ of a Penfolds winemaker experience.  This is part of “The Penfolds vision to become a global luxury icon and we’re looking at how NFTs can help us achieve that vision,” said Amanda Green, Global Digital Director.

For Penfolds, eCommerce is their dominant channel and is responsible for around 70% of all sales. Looking at what was next, the company decided to expand into the metaverse in order to deliver a “really immersive brand experience” that will engage younger people up to the age of 35 on a global scale.

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Fenwick Updates OMS for a Smoother Experience

The upgrade to Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides an omni-channel fulfillment journey in a single source allowing a more accurate view of inventory. The system is more efficient and optimised where customer information and order information are stored in one place.  Workflows can be automated which reduces previous manual processes and the team can now build customisable reports. Additionally, the new system has localisation support for multiple languages and currencies for scalability.

Not only are there business benefits but for customers too as returns, refunds and exchanges (even before fulfillment) are made much easier and they are already receiving great feedback from customers.

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CX Lunch, Sydney

CX has always been a crucial element of any digital commerce strategy, but sometimes, the path to discover your customer isn’t always clear. We hosted retailers & brands in Sydney to get to the core of what really matters when it comes to your CX journey. This session focused on using the voice of the customer to prioritise your digital roadmap.

We showcased our Customer Experience offer is designed to help our clients understand their customer, map their journey, translate needs into features and functionality and inform their digital roadmap. This sort of engagement is an excellent way to both engage the client and guide their digital strategy, but also to feed into a healthy backlog and build out our delivery roadmaps. By offering consultation in the areas of CX Strategy, UX/UI Design and Optimisation we hope that those in the industry will look to us for expertise in these areas and view us as a full service agency.

Exploring Digital Strategies for Growth, London

During uncertain times for retailers and brands, the half-day tactical workshop explored how retailers and brands can drive growth in 2023 despite economic uncertainty. The day started with an update on The Future State of Commerce from Salesforce with the trends seen in their latest data. This was followed by a presentation from Sweaty Betty on their digital success journey, Composable Storefront (PWA) launch and international expansion plans. A fireside chat with Liberty London then explored how the retailer has transformed to meet customer demand and expectation through the introduction of the Beauty Drop subscription box. This beauty subscription is aimed at retaining the customers brought in from the pandemic.

The day finished with roundtable discussions around four key topics in digital commerce; Creating connected customer experiences, The rise of sustainable eCommerce, Organisational structure for the future and Building loyalty and lifting lifetime value of customers. Key themes were around the considerations and challenges surrounding loyalty and which brands leading the way in sustainable eCommerce. If you would like to receive a copy of the notes from the day please email

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