DHL Supply Chain teams up with Tryzens to launch ConsumerDirect

DHL Supply Chain today announces a partnership with digital commerce agency, Tryzens, to offer brands a rapid start, scalable and cost effective direct-to-consumer (D2C) route to market.

Tryzens, whose customers include Liberty London, Whittard of Chelsea, Lily’s Kitchen and Treasury Wine Estates, provides digital consulting services, implementation, optimisation and design to help businesses establish and grow their online e-commerce operations across all channels. DHL has a long-established consumer and retail goods and e-commerce supply chain network, supporting some of the world’s biggest brands and most innovative pureplay online retailers.

The creation of ConsumerDirect was driven by the need to simplify access to both the digital and supply chain capabilities. The solution will see DHL and Tryzens work together to make entry into D2C simple and low risk for established brands, who are currently selling through wholesale or retail channels. From consultation and initial set-up, through to navigating the hurdles of acquiring a direct customer base, the partners will use their expertise to launch industry-leading digital storefronts as well as reconfigure the supply chain in the most efficient way to help brands launch D2C in just weeks with a solution that can scale with them as they grow.

Brands looking to reach international customers can now access DHL’s global fulfilment network, which offers a fast and cost-effective route to reach consumers in key markets. In addition, Tryzens and DHL will support growing demand for capabilities such as subscriptions, personalisation of products and packaging, and enviro-friendly solutions.

Through DHL’s infrastructure and range of services, brands can operate a streamlined D2C solution, alongside their wholesale B2B supply chain. With low entry costs and a pay-as-you-grow mechanism, the solution takes away the pain of investment risk, especially while the D2C channel is being established.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Tryzens, who bring further strength to our one-stop-shop, local and global fulfilment solution In the market, there is often a misconception that for established consumer goods brands the transition to selling direct is simple, but compared to pureplay online retail, it can be a real challenge to reconfigure supply chains to improve agility and flexibility, build brand loyalty and deeper customer relationships, and maintain important wholesale and retail channel relationships. That’s why we’ve established our partnership with Tryzens; both businesses understand that complexity and bring complementary expertise to guide brands on the entire digital & physical journey.”

Andy Burton, Chief Executive Officer at Tryzens said: “The ability for brands to directly engage with consumers not only provides an additional means of selling their products but enables real insight to be gleaned and customer loyalty maintained. D2C provides a channel for building brand reputation and controlling the narrative in differentiating a brand’s products from others in the mind of the consumer. The consumer promise is made up of the online shopping, the real world fulfilment experience and the product quality experience, so we at Tryzens are truly proud to be working with DHL as global leaders in Supply Chain Management to offer the market a comprehensive and cost effective solution for brands to launch swiftly and scale their D2C capability with the full assurance that the promise they provide to market can be fulfilled.”

Alex Hislop

Chief Customer Officer, DHL Supply Chain UK and Ireland said

The last five years have seen an increasing number of consumer and retail brands establish direct e-commerce channels to reach their customers, ensure supply, enhance customer loyalty, understand consumer behaviour and improve margins. The ConsumerDirect proposition from DHL and Tryzens enables brands to reach their customers across the world with a high quality end-to-end experience, without entailing great commercial risk or investment.

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