A clear path to selling through social channels 

3 Weeks from Kick off to Launch 

Connect the customer experience

With people spending up to 61% more time on social media, consumers are increasingly spreading their browsing and purchasing activity across channels and expect that the brand experience and journey will be familiar throughout.

The problem for many businesses is how to make it easy to start selling through social channels and then be able to connect this activity back to their core digital systems to track and understand customer behaviours and preferences, as well as manage their products across channels in a streamlined way.

We believe commerce should be ‘Digital-First’, ensuring that a customer is recognised across any digital touchpoint. We’ve worked closely with the Salesforce team to create Spark Quick Start Channels, a holistic solution that includes everything you will need to get selling on key social channels at an accelerated pace. We made it our mission to reduce the barriers to entry for social selling by reducing timescales and costs as well as streamlining the management of stock, tracking orders and creating visibility of customer activity.


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Start selling on integrated social channels


The current path to launch on social channels can become a minefield to navigate, varied by country and by social platform, and has been disconnected from existing digital channels like eCommerce. Quick Start Channels simplifies the process of launching product sales on Facebook and Instagram and connects to Salesforce’s Order Management System (OMS), allowing businesses to enter new sales channels.

Track, unite and know your customer across channels


By creating a single customer view of purchase behaviour across channels, enabling personalisation of the experience using Einstein and managing the order journey from payment through to delivery and returns, you are able to enhance the brand experience. By understanding your customers’ shopping behaviours, you can shape the journey and product strategies that meet your customer where and when they want to buy.

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Streamline the management of products and orders


Spark Quick Start Channels removes the need for manual processes to manage and sync multiple systems. All product, catalogue and order management will become centralised and more efficient to execute in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager and Salesforce OMS.

Leverage the full features of Salesforce OMS


Spark Quick Start Subscriptions is built to connect with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Order Management System, depending on the scenario. Quick Start Subscriptions includes a license for Salesforce OMS and its full range of functionality for orders across all channels.

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Lean On Us


We know that learning how to trade on new channels can be daunting. With that in mind, once you’re live and integrated, we provide you with 3 months of managed service to help you get sales traction and train your team to manage them moving forward, if that is your preference. Our aim is to empower your team and partner with you to provide support  in a way that best complements your needs.

Ignite your digital offering across channels

Proof of Concept, New Store or Re-Platform

Spark allows retailers and brands across any vertical to launch new storefronts quickly and enable focus on accelerating online growth.

Future-Proofed for Flexibility

Unlike other solutions, Spark is built with the future in mind, with an architecture that ensures future enhancements and upgrades are not impeded.

Maintained and Optimised

Tryzens has a dedicated team that continually develop new capability for our Spark solutions as the market continues to evolve and new channels arise, ensuring you can continue to engage with customers.