Salesforce and Tryzens launch Quick Start Channels

Today, Salesforce and Tryzens are excited to announce the launch of Quick Start Commerce for Channels, a solution that connects and integrates Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Order Management System (OMS) with key social and search channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Google. Quick Start Channels enables retailers and brands to start selling through these channels in just 4 weeks whilst creating a single customer view, enabling personalisation of the experience through Einstein and managing the order journey from payment through to delivery and returns.

With people spending up to 61% more time on social media, consumers are increasingly spreading their browsing and purchasing activity across channels and expect that the brand experience and journey will be familiar throughout. The problem for many businesses is that there is no clear path to start selling through social and search and then be able to connect this activity back to their core systems to understand customer behaviours and preferences, as well as manage their products on channels in a streamlined way.

Previously, the process to start selling on social and search  has been hard to navigate, varied by region and platform and was disconnected from existing eCommerce processes. Quick Start Channels simplifies and accelerates the process of launching product sales on social and search and connects to Salesforce’s Order Management System (OMS).

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens said “This new solution will enable businesses to effectively connect the dots on customer behaviour across channels, on a global scale, no matter what services or applications are currently offered. This is a key piece of the puzzle for businesses to truly shape their experience around the customer and personalise at every touchpoint with purpose. It’s about building the bigger picture for businesses to better serve customers.”

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