T2 and Tryzens Partner to Bring the Good People of The World a Well-Deserved Cuppa

The Australian brew masters partner with Tryzens to enhance their online customer experience.

T2 the Melbourne, Australia born speciality tea leader, has partnered with Tryzens to create compelling digital customer experiences through the implementation of a digital roadmap with ongoing 24/7 support.

Founded in Melbourne in 1996, T2 gets a kick out of turning the world of tea on its head. For 25 years they have been creating brews that take people on a journey, travelling near and far to source the best teas the world has to offer. Brew by brew, sip by sip, they have built and sustained a generation of tea lovers on every continent. Working directly with farmers to ensure fairness and sustainability, whilst delivering the best tea possible, T2 take pride in bringing people together over a humble cuppa.

The partnership between T2 and Tryzens will focus on delivering a roadmap for refining T2’s global eCommerce offering to enhance the customer journey and create compelling experiences. T2 have recently moved onto Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture and Tryzens, as global leaders in creating amazing customer experiences, will help deliver on their roadmap. The partnership will also include proactive 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure that their site is always secure and available, across the globe.

Derek Muirhead, Global MD of T2, said of the partnership:

“For 25 years we have made it our mission to bring people together over the simple appreciation of premium tea. This has always been based on building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers through providing them with the most immersive experience possible. Partnering with a global leader in digital commerce solutions such as Tryzens will ensure we are building on our core values whilst creating seamless online shopping experiences, making it easier than ever for our customers across the globe to share a humble cuppa.”

Tryzens CEO, Andy Burton, added:

“T2 have gone from a single tea shop on a small street in Fitzroy, Melbourne, to today being a globally respected expert in all things tea. This growth has always been with the core value of providing a deep, meaningful and repeatable customer experience. We at Tryzens are excited to get to be part of T2’s next chapter and to help them implement a digital commerce roadmap to achieve their goal to provide compelling customer experiences.”

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