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Support even while you sleep.

Building the monitoring suites and setting the standard in the industry to make sure that your eCommerce site/s are trading effectively 24/7.

We’ve crafted a comprehensive LiveOps service that monitors a vast array of metrics and activities around the clock. These services look for changes in performance against a range of leading KPI’s and thresholds in order to spot issues quickly and proactively resolve them before they can become problems.

Our highly trained team of specialists will analyse the actionable insights coming from the site performance, feeds and integrations, system security, trading and accessibility tools, so you can focus on trading your site, learning about your customers and managing your stock.


✓  24/7 coverage

  • Site trading
  • Monitoring & alerts
  • Customer support
✓  KPI threshold & feed fail management ✓  Incident triage & resolution ✓  3rd Party technology management ✓  Security management & data loss prevention ✓  Change control & release management ✓  Roadmap & backlog planning ✓  Peak trade enhanced services
  • Load testing
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Proactive heightened support

Platform update release management
✓  Accessibility audit and maintenance
✓  Service reviews and reporting
✓  Client team augmentation (e.g. holiday cover) 

Sweaty Betty website and mobile

Vigilant around the clock


Providing peace of mind 24/7.


One of our core values is being customer centric and we take this seriously. We passionately believe that your trade across digital channels and systems should be assured and optimised for you around the clock, 365 days a year. This ensures maximum sales and positive customer experience no matter what time zones you trade in or the scale of peak trade. 


We Have Your Back

Our combination of broad, deep and intelligent monitoring, creating actionable insights and alerts that are raised to our talented LiveOps team who understand digital commerce in the broadest sense, means we become an extension of your team. We support and maintain the ecosystem of technologies that combine to deliver your customer experience, we understand the nature of feeds and scheduled processes, and we are able to act on your behalf, without waking you in your night or on your holidays. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, rather we augment your team and look after as much or as little of your digital commerce systems and operations as you decide. Our service promise requires intelligent monitoring, fundamental understanding of data flows and processes, trading expertise, proactive support and expert knowledge, all of which we bring to bear for our clients.  

Don’t just take our word for it

Sweaty Betty website and mobile

Sweaty Betty Race Ahead.


Creating an unbeatable omnichannel experience across the globe.

We’ve been working with Sweaty Betty since 2018 to continually evolve their digital commerce offering with their customer.

In 2022, we were side by side with them as they went headless leveraging Composable Storefront. As a result, they’ve seen a 40% reduction in page load times, increased conversion and agility to make changes in days, rather than weeks.

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