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First published on Power Retail

In an effort to make it easier for retailers to create BNPL payments within Salesforce, Tryzens has launched a bespoke Zip cartridge to make payments faster and easier.

The international digital commerce consultancy developed the bespoke service for the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platform, Zip. This cartridge is compatible with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which will make it ‘faster and easier for Australian retailers’ to integrate Zip to their sites.

This aims to ‘supercharge their revenue streams and driving business growth’ with the option to allow customers to make scheduled payments using the platform. ‘For retailers, this can mean more sales more often, and a better customer experience in-store and online’, said the consultancy in a press statement.

“Tryzens’ cartridge gives retailers easy access to another innovative payment solution. With Zip, retailers can offer more payment options and reach new customers, supporting them to grow,” explained Fran Ereira, the General Sales Manager and Solution Delivery at Zip.

“Tryzens has a proven record of successful Commerce Cloud cartridge builds and a strong background working with Australian retailers, giving us 100% confidence in the partnership. We’re looking forward to working closely with Tryzens to enable retailers to develop closer relationships with their customers and grow their businesses.”



What Are Some of the Benefits?


The bespoke cartridge offers pre-configured options, which is designed to power a ‘rapid’ application build within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment. It will also aim to speed up the integration between Zip’s payment system and Salesforce. This ultimately will reduce implementation costs, as well as deliver a safe and secure way for customers to shop online, which is crucial for improving customer experience.

According to the Power Retail Spotlight Series: BNPL, 66 per cent of Australians are in search for a better way to pay, with 90 per cent of online shoppers using a BNPL service while they’re making a purchase.

“New and innovative payment platforms like Zip are revolutionising the way that brands and consumers interact and, as such, have fast become a must-have for modern retailers. Tryzens developed this cartridge specifically to ensure the rapid development of Zip’s solution when using Salesforce, and ensure retailers can provide a wider range of payment options and realise a greater lifetime value for each customer,” explained Andy Burton, the CEO of Tryzens.

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