Staff Profile: Giza Anena Jacob

Name: Giza Anena Jacob

Title: Support Manager

Team: Delivery

Office: Trivandrum


What three words would you use to describe your role?

Being Proactive, Support & Trust

What did you do before you started to work for Tryzens?

I was working as a Senior IBM WCS Developer

What are your biggest goals at Tryzens?

Build the best Service Support team, get more knowledge on the Agile Methodology and hands on


What do you like about working at Tryzens?

Being utmost valued and the friendly and flexible environment I have here

What is your favourite eCommerce website?

My favourite eCommerce website is Amazon to be honest! But the best one I worked with as a Developer and Service Delivery was JDSports Ltd.

What’s your personal mantra?

Trust yourselves and be happy..

What’s your number one must visit destination in Trivandrum?

Munnar, the famous hill station (around 250km from Trivandrum). Enjoy the weather, tea gardens and the scenic beauty!!

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