fixed cost. best practice. rapid build. fixed cost. best practice. rapid build.

Digital storefronts that flex to meet your requirements.
Start to launch in 12 weeks.

Spark is the fastest and simplest way to get your business up and selling on the world-class Salesforce SFRA platform. We’ve used all our experience from clients in verticals as diverse as fashion & apparel, food & beverage, appliances, health & beauty and luxury, to streamline the process of getting you live on Salesforce and selling to the world.

Spark is more than just a smarter way to develop a site, it’s a whole solution that includes everything you need to get online, leveraging recommended features and functionality, expert guidance from our experienced team and providing an efficient way to drive a return on your investment.

Spark.your business

Fixed Budget for Predictability of Costs

Spark delivers an enterprise-class solution at an entry-level cost to launch a feature-rich storefront, and capability to be integrated with the whole Salesforce suite of solutions. In addition to the launch of your site, Tryzens offer affordable options for fixed price support, monitoring and maintenance to help you maintain cost efficiencies and maximise your investment in new capability over time.

Fast Time-to-Market for a Quick Return on Investment

Tryzens’ experience in project delivery with fixed and accelerated timelines has been formalised in Spark, resulting in a carefully crafted, Tryzens-led, collaborative process and automation that focuses on completeness of the storefront experience and speed to market. We provide the direction, plan, templates and processes to support your team and optimise efficiency to provide your inputs for  a successful project and meet your business objectives.

A Design System for Effective Brand Content

At the heart of any digital commerce business is the need to balance a strong brand identity with an intuitive and frictionless customer experience. Our unique Design System will enhance and improve your management of branding experience consistently across your site by enabling you to design, maintain and manage your branding whilst reducing the costs of front end design changes. In addition, it takes account of Salesforce Page Designer templates to produce rich branded pages faster.

Unblocking Technical Constraints

Spark does not represent proprietary, restrictive code which often constrains future opportunity to expand ecommerce capability and can be the hidden penalty with other platforms. Spark remains compatible with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA upgrade path and integration with other Salesforce clouds.

Maintained and Optimised

Tryzens continue to invest in new capability in Spark as the market evolves and new trends and features arise, ensuring storefronts remain at the forefront of opportunity. For a small monthly fee, clients are able to benefit from this roadmap of investment, significantly reducing the cost of access to new features, and enabling them to gain additional capability alongside their own individual roadmap requirements.  In addition, by leveraging QA automation, the cost of delivery of additional features is optimised.

Fit for Purpose – Replatform, New Storefront or Enterprise Proof of Concept

Spark allows retailers and brands across any vertical to launch new storefronts quickly and enable focus on accelerating online growth. Whether your need is for a re-platform from a legacy platform or a proof of concept for new markets, Spark provides you great capability at a great price point. Retailers can confidently build their capability on Spark and access analytics and insights vital for making long-term decisions, using our TradeState analytics backed up by expert advice from our team of Trade and Optimisation specialists who provide guidance on maximising growth opportunity and customer engagement.

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What makes Spark different to its competitors?

Unlike other solutions, Spark is built with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud upgrade path in mind, with an architecture that ensures future enhancements and upgrades are not impeded.

In contrast to other fixed-budget methodologies, Spark allows the project team to react and respond to change and provides a framework to assess new requirements or integration points, optionally capturing customisation as a project phase.

Lesser solutions fail to capture the imagination of their audience. Spark is dressed to impress with best-practice themes across multiple industry verticals that demonstrate best practice function and visual elements. Better yet, these themes provide branching points to jump-start the design process.

ready to trade Salesforce website

Ready to trade Salesforce website designed around the best practice of your industry.

customer experience

Spark comes with intuitive experiences built in and a design system that efficiently manages your branding.

Core Integrations

Spark provides core integrations for essential systems to enable online trading.

compatible with Salesforce upgrade path

Spark keeps you on track to benefit from the Salesforce roadmap of features and functionality.

24/7 support & optimisation

Once you're live, you can access Tryzens' world class monitoring system Tradestate, ongoing optmisiation and proactive support.

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