We provide insights and data to drive sales

Data & Customer Insights

Understanding online performance and the behaviour of customers using your site is critical to performance.


We provide monitoring, analysis and interpretation of data to provide you with guidance to create high performing, industry leading online experiences. In addition to providing a consistent data view, we work to provide you with tailored strategies to drive sales and engagement and improve your brand’s visibility online.

Tryzens unique TradeState solution provides ‘analytics-as-a-service’ that is honed for retailers to provide real time understanding of key performance indicators so you can make informed decisions to maximise online trading and optimising customer experience. We achieve this by identifying and tracking key metrics in succinct data summaries that are accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Having access to a wide range of customer data as well as skilled data scientists means that we can provide meaningful insights, drive visible improvements in your site performance on any device. Our real-time analytics platform, TradeState, will allow you to access performance statistics that matter to you in an intuitive dashboard that can help you drive sales and focus activity around your business goals.

“Tryzens’ proprietary analytics platform, TradeState provides the team with live monitoring and trade reports that are accessible via our mobile devices to keep the team on the pulse of site performance and access insights as to how our sites are operating in every market and timezone. This technology enables us to be proactive in identifying changes that will promote more profitable trade and customer experience.”

– Brendan Sweeney, GM eCommerce at Cotton On Group