Tryzens boosts interest for Fat Zebra with Salesforce Integration

Fat Zebra, global online payment processor, has selected digital commerce consultancy, Tryzens, as its ecommerce delivery partner. Tryzens is implementing a cartridge, which will integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to make it simpler for retailers to integrate Fat Zebra into their platforms, while ensuring tougher security and enhanced reliability for customers.

Fat Zebra focuses on offering its customers the best experience, while ensuring its information is secure and data is safe. The worldwide payment processor aims to uncomplicate commerce. Fat Zebra does this by creating one enhanced integration to give retailers access to payments, leading technologies, and fraud solutions across the globe. For retailers this can mean a better customer experience, leading to an increase in sales.

Consulting with Fat Zebra, Tryzens has developed a cartridge with a number of preconfigured options, all designed to ensure a smooth integration process between Fat Zebra’s solution and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The integration between the two systems will enhance reliability all while reducing implementation costs.

Lori Homan, Head of Partnerships, at Fat Zebra commented: “As a company we always want to be innovative, constantly evolve and be one step ahead of our competitors. This is why building an integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud was a simple choice for us. We want to show retailers that we value the power of technology and want to work with retailers who feel the same. By building this integration we are conversing with new customers, allowing us to connect with likeminded retailers. It is no secret that customers expect a perfect service every time they go on an ecommerce platform and we feel we can help retailers meet these demands through a clever and easy integration process.

“Tryzens has developed an outstanding reputation in the technology industry, with expertise in quality commerce cloud cartridge integrations. Tryzens’ experience in the sector and history of working with Australian companies gave us complete confidence that it has the ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently,” Homan continued.

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens, added: “We now live in a more competitive environment. As a result, retailers need to start investing in products that will put them one step ahead of the game. Unique and innovative businesses like Fat Zebra are changing the way brands and consumers connect with each other. Tryzens was chosen to develop this cartridge to provide a simple process that would allow retailers to offer a number of ways to pay for a product, which in turn would cater to each individual customer.”

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