Laybuy Launches Salesforce Cartridge

Tryzens, a leading provider of digital commerce and retail solutions, has developed a new cartridge for the innovative, fully integrated and risk-free payment platform Laybuy, enabling retailers to meet the growing demand for buy now, pay later payment schemes.

The cartridge can speed up the integration between Laybuy and Salesforce, which sits alongside the existing integrations for eCommerce and PoS platforms such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. Tryzens has developed the bespoke cartridge with a range of preconfigured options to reduce development time during integration for eCommerce brands and supports rapid application build.

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens, commented: “Laybuy is one of the most exciting and innovative payments platforms on the market today, offering consumers a unique purchasing experience, letting them buy now and spread the cost over six weekly automatic payments and all interest free. For retailers, this means faster sales and higher order values — and Laybuy pays all merchants upfront, automatically and quickly.

“We have developed the cartridge specifically to support the rapid development of Laybuy’s unique solution when using Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This can reduce the costs involved for retailers by speeding up time to market, as well as delivering a safe and easy way for the consumer to buy online,” Burton continued.

Laybuy is a New Zealand-based ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ payments option offering a multi-country solution for retailers and consumers on a global scale. Despite launching in New Zealand under two years ago, 8% of the country’s voting population has already signed up to the company’s platform, and over 3,750 online and physical store partnerships have been forged. Earlier this month Laybuy launched in the UK with leading retailer Footasylum. Retailers partnering with Laybuy have seen an average increase in order value of 60%, an average increase in online and instore conversion rates of 50% and an average increase in new customer acquisitions of 30%.

“Laybuy absorbs the credit risk on all transactions and our retail partners receive full payment – less our small commission – for purchases from Laybuy at the point of purchase, removing risk and protecting retailers,” Gary Rohloff, Managing Director at Laybuy, stated. “Laybuy’s effortless solution of six weekly payments, gives customers more freedom when it comes to purchasing online or in-store. We are really excited about the launch of the Laybuy cartridge, and what this means for the future of shopping in the UK, with retailers now able to provide this option to consumers for the first time.”

“Our research here in the UK indicates that there is a big demand for weekly repayment options. Just under one third of the population (31%*) manage their finances weekly. In fact, this is the most common way for people to budget. Given this, we have developed a payments solution that enables consumers to buy now and pay back over a short period of time in manageable repayments,” he continued.

Andy Burton concluded: “Tryzens has been expanding at a rapid rate in ANZ and we are always looking for technologies that we can deploy across our client base to create frictionless customer experiences. As retailers expand internationally, new doors are being opened for consumers with greater options for purchasing products and engaging with brands. Meanwhile, companies enjoy a closer relationship with their customers, a constant cash flow and the ability to realise a greater lifetime value for each customer.

“The relationship between Laybuy and Tryzens is a great example of a symbiotic partnership expanding both companies’ footprints across multiple geographies and online retailers. We are delighted to be able to offer this new cartridge as an integral part of our offering for omni-channel retailers.”

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