Carrolls Irish Gifts launch new digital flagship to connect with global customers with ease

The global leader in Irish gifts launches new eCommerce offering in collaboration with Tryzens to enhance customer experience and market reach.

Operating for over 40 years, Carrolls Irish Gifts have taken major step forward to delight their customers through a new eCommerce storefront, developed in partnership with Tryzens. The new digital flagship was implemented with the customer front and centre in its design, leveraging Tryzens’ Spark solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, to create a consumer experience that was easy to navigate and intuitive to use across all 167 countries served.

Brian Howe, Head of Online & Marketing at Carrolls Irish Gifts, said: “We’ve gone through a period of extreme change in the past few months and there is no better time for us launch our new online offering so we can continue to serve our customers around the clock and around the world, no matter what may be around the corner! By leveraging Tryzens Spark solution, we’ve been able to take advantage of significant range of out-of-the-box features and functionality of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and additional features provided by Tryzens to improve the way that customers can interact with our products and experience them in the best way possible.”

With such a wide range of products that are steeped in Irish history, it was important that the digital flagship was more than just an online store – it had to tell the story of Carrolls Irish Gifts and it’s heritage. The product pages on the new site allows customers to immerse themselves in the product’s story and origins as well as access editorial content such as the blog while they find the perfect piece. The customer journey has been coupled with key integrations such as Google Shopping, multiple payment and tax services, and powerful analytics to propel growth as Carrolls Irish Gifts continue to expand to meet increasing customer demand.

Howe continued “When we embarked on this journey, we were 100% confident that we would launch a digital flagship that was more effective for us to operate and that our customers would love. By partnering with Tryzens, we were able to make this a reality by leveraging investment in Spark, their knowledge and expertise in best practice and impeccable delivery standards. The new solution that we’ve been able to implement has given us the agility to better serve customers no matter where they are and tell our story through products and an improved journey online”

Andy Burton, CEO at Tryzens commented: “It has been fabulous working with Brian and the team at Carrolls Irish Gifts to define, build and launch their new storefronts.  In this challenging world of rolling lockdowns across different markets having a highly effective online store, available 24/7 and intuitive and engaging to use is critical to sustaining and driving success.  By delivering the new sites through our Spark B2C accelerator we have helped reduce the barriers to digital transformation reducing cost to implement, time to market and easing complexity of adoption. We look forward to working with them to drive growth now the stores are live.“

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