Integrating you with a wider world of commerce.

Many businesses have the ability to build integrations with the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms themselves. And that’s OK.

But what happens when there is a major eCommerce platform update, your clients need an updated integration, or your development team is focused on your own product roadmap or when your sales team are clamouring to close a deal, and need to reduce the time to market and cost of adoption, but your developers don’t have experience with that platform?

Leading tech businesses rely on our focused expertise to evaluate their existing integrations, build additional ones and ensure they are all working efficiently so they can be certified by the relevant eCommerce platforms.

In this increasingly digital-first world, we work exclusively with innovative third-party technology businesses across all elements of the digital commerce ecosystem to ensure solutions are able to be implemented seamlessly, reducing the barriers to adoption around time, cost and skill that so often cripple commercial traction.

Our flexible approach can support you wherever you are on the maturity curve of integrating your products with leading eCommerce platforms, from strategy and prioritisation through build and certification and on to updates as platforms release new functionality. As your integration partner we ensure everything keeps running as smoothly as it should for you and prospective merchant clients.

Our Services

Product benchmarking
Use cases & licensing models
Integration strategy
Competitive analysis report

Shaping and validating your commercial and technical integration plans

We provide expert consultancy built upon deep experience and a proven methodology to determine and refine the best routes to market in order to drive commercial success and maximise the ROI from certified integrations.


Your business priorities mapped against commercial realities for integrations today and tomorrow.

When developed, launched and supported in the right way, platform integrations offer far more than just an easier technical route to implement your solution. They should empower your go-to-market strategy and be instrumental in generating and converting pipeline.

Understanding where you sit in the eCommerce ecosystem and where the next opportunities for your technologies are is critical to success.  We work with you to understand and map your key commercial drivers and product capabilities, and then we evaluate which eCommerce platforms provide the best opportunities for ROI, giving you a commercially focused integration strategy for relevant growth.

what we deliver
  • Product benchmarking & profiling
  • Integration strategies that build on your strengths and shape delivery plans
  • Competitive analysis reports to shape your roadmaps and give you the upper hand
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Our Services

Audit reports
Feature analysis
Prioritised development roadmap
Solution implementation documentation
Business requirements document

Platform Integration audit, discovery and recommendations.

We provide health checks and critical action reports to identify gaps and weaknesses and open up opportunities to keep your platform integrations in prime condition and positioning for market success.

what we do

Roadmap & development plans to shape best-of-breed offerings.

We start working with you by conducting a technical audit and review – identifying where your solution and code can be optimised for the relevant major eCommerce platforms.

We compare your existing approach and status of integrations against industry best practice and make recommendations for improvement, taking into account your internal technical resource and budget.

Working with you, we review whether any new eCommerce platform functionality needs to be included within the scope of your integrations.

what we deliver
  • An audit report of findings from the technical review
  • Feature analysis for multiple integrations to deliver consistency in service to merchants
  • Prioritised development roadmap with detailed breakdowns for cost and rationale
  • Reviewed and revised implementation documentation to ensure ease of use for merchants and their Systems Integrators that reduces barriers to adoption
  • An ROI based plan for any potential barriers for new integrations and relevant guidance for driving adoption
  • Business Requirements Document (BRD) detailing requirements with line by line estimates to allow for development cycle phasing
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Our Services

Technical designs
Quality assured, bespoke integrations
End-to-end management

Technical development, certification and deployment of integrations with all major eCommerce platforms.

Technical services delivered with expertise, efficiency and know-how from concept to certification and launch.

Integration services

Complete end-to-end technical delivery of platform integrations that are based on best practice, quality assured and certified, managed and delivered by Tryzens Fuse.

Development for the prioritised eCommerce platforms can begin once a strategy has been set and a technical discovery phase completed.

The development plan can be structured for your own tech team to deploy or be delivered by our proven technical experts to a fixed budget.

We build sustainable integrations that follow best practice ensuring every single one functions as expected in all use case – backed up by world class documentation to ease adoption by a wider world of prospective clients.

what we deliver
  • Product benchmarking & profiling
  • Integration strategies that build on your strengths and shape delivery plans
  • Competitive analysis reports to shape your roadmaps and give you the upper hand
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On-call bug fixing
New feature implementation
Bespoke support & training
Platform certification renewals

Integration technical maintenance and merchant support.

Making sure your array of integrations work seamlessly for you and your merchant clients in a world of constant change and complexity.

what we do

Support and cover when you need it most.

Platforms change so often providing new features but potentially a few headaches for you and your tech team.

We maintain your integrations during the certification cycle saving time and money whilst maintaining an optimal and operational service for your clients, which can be provided on-demand or as proactive 24/7 cover.

If required, we can also take that service further by working with your clients and prospects to ensure they get integrations working seamlessly with their commercial goals.

what we deliver
  • Merchant support services to assist during implementation or once live
  • On-call bug fixing for unexpected behaviour against supported requirements
  • New features added to existing integrations to unify your service to merchants or enable new capabilities launched in the relevant supported eCommerce platforms
  • Bespoke support and training for your team
  • Ad-hoc systems integration services for your clients if they do not have a suitable agency to support them
  • Re-certification services in line with platform requirements
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