Leveraging Direct to Consumer to Control Pricing and Build your Brand

Direct interactions with consumers give the chance to provide the best customer experiences, tailoring them to each individual, and building rapid and robust brand loyalty. With 85% of consumers in UKI saying that they research purchases online before buying, it is a real chance to not only tell your brand story, but to grow sales on your own channels while their attention is captured.These direct interactions have the added benefit of allowing the customers a direct line of feedback to you, making them feel valued and gives the richest and most useful data possible to learn about your customers and grow and adapt using the insights gained.


Control Your Story

D2C gives brands the power to totally control their own story. With no middleman between them and their customers, the narrative is yours to tell. This means you can provide the most detailed and relevant information to immerse your customers in your brand story and product, gaining even more traction in brand loyalty and the ability to connect with consumers at a deep level.

Based on the direct consumer insights gained from D2C you can also adapt and adjust the telling of your story based on what resonates the most with your customers, meaning you can ensure your brand message is being communicated optimally.

Control Your Pricing

The growth of eCommerce has meant that online selling via marketplaces has become ultra-competitive. Because of this, products that are listed often price cut against one another in a race to the bottom. This leads to lower margins and can devalue your products or brand.

The same applies when trusting your products to retailers. You have the power to control your sale price to them, but little over the final price given to your products. This risks being priced too high or adversely, should the retailer decide to aggressively discount or put your products on sale in the wrong way, it can greatly devalue your brand image and risk damaging the customer perception of your brand.

Control Your Offers 

The rich customer understanding D2C provides allows you the opportunity to offer exclusive products and promotions in the most efficacious way, at the most opportune time, to the right customers. In fact, 42% of consumers in UKI say that early access to sales is a key benefit of shopping directly with a brand. This greatly increases the chances of these offers and promotions being taken up, growing sales and further building brand loyalty.

In addition, offering a gift with purchase or product bundles are a great way to entice customers to buy and increase your share of wallet by showing them new products that they may not have tried before.

D2C offers unrivalled control of pricing for brands – meaning you can ensure your products are being offered at the correct prices, guaranteeing an increase in the share of the wallet without compromising on the final sale price.

At Tryzens, we’ve worked with brands across the breadth and depth of the industry to help them go direct to consumer and build online growth. We’ve also partnered with DHL to offer ConsumerDirect, an all-in-one solution that includes everything that you need to start selling online and fulfil your ambitions from first click to loyal customer.

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