Leveraging Direct to Consumer to Better Understand Your Customers

Going Direct to Consumer (D2C) has a myriad benefits. According to Tryzens & DHL’s latest consumer insights taken in April of 2022, 49% of consumer in the UK say that they are shopping more online for essential items*. With this sentiment in mind, it’s never been more important to start to learn about your customers and going direct is a key step in mapping that out.

The rich and detailed first-party data gathered in D2C interactions is the best possible way to learn exactly what your customers want, and how they want it. Utilising this data allows you to build the best possible customer experiences, expand your share of wallet and can guide the future direction of your products.


Build the Best Possible Customer Experiences

Offering your customers the opportunity to purchase direct gives you essential insights about your customers, their behaviour, and their true needs. When you depend on other companies, distributors, and retailers to sell product, you’re missing out on a lot of data that could be invaluable to your brand’s growth.

With D2C you can track and analyse every part of the customer interaction, from browsing through to payment. You can also gain immediate feedback on the products themselves, a key benefit that often gets lost in the ether of the middleman.

When used properly, this data is the most powerful tool you can have to tailor your customer experiences to be as rich and rewarding as possible for your consumers. Excellent customer experiences lead to bigger baskets, robust brand loyalty and repeat purchases, supercharging your business’s growth.


Shape the Future Direction of Your Products

The extremely detailed and personal data available from customers for businesses that sell D2C allows them to be exceptionally well informed about what the market wants from the products themselves.

In fact, 34% of UK consumers surveyed* expect that if they shop with a brand, they’ll get early access to new products and 18% want to provide feedback to shape future product releases. This allows businesses that are open-minded and agile to utilise immediate and direct feedback to fine-tune their products and offering to exactly what the customers want.

Most brands tackle this by surveying their customers directly and providing an incentive to participate, such as a discount or early access to sales.


Expand your Share of Wallet

Aside from the obvious benefit of the opportunity for better margins with D2C, directly dealing with your customers allows increased opportunity to expand your share of wallet.

Selling your products directly to your consumers gives you the ultimate control in upselling and cross-selling. According to our survey, 30% of UK customers expect brands to have product bundles available to them and a further 27% expect that they will get relevant product recommendations online*.

During the browsing experience and even during the checkout process you are able to recommend complementary and more premium products, customised based on your rich customer data gathered through all your interactions. There is also the opportunity to include samples in orders so your customers can try other products that they usually wouldn’t and discover a new favourite.


At Tryzens, we’ve worked with brands across the breadth and depth of the industry to help them go direct to consumer and build online growth. We’ve also partnered with DHL to offer ConsumerDirect, an all-in-one solution that includes everything that you need to start selling online and fulfil your ambitions from first click to loyal customer.

*Source: Direct to Consumer Insight survey conducted by Tryzens & DHL, April 2022

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