IWD2020: Thoughts from Sarah Lukins at Fisher & Paykel

We asked our team and clients to mark International Women’s Day by sharing their thoughts on how they can inspire, support and propel women in the workplace.

How do you empower and support women in digital?

I’ve been lucky enough to have been given a few opportunities in my career when I was approached by young women wanting a change of career path into digital and I was able to offer them roles within my team. I always remember that once upon a time I was that young woman, terrified about asking a woman MD whether I could have some training and manage a digital project – her answer to me was “yes” so I always aspire to help other women when I can.

I also encourage women to speak up, especially in group situations. I remind women in my team that they have a valuable viewpoint and it’s not just the person who talks the loudest that gets to win the argument.

How do you think women have propelled innovation in digital?
Women tend to be focused on the end user and what they need (in retail it is primarily the woman that is the buyer). Women naturally put themselves in the customer’s shoes and think about what they would consider to be a wonderful experience. It is this type of focused customer thinking that can lead to innovative ways in how to deliver an enhanced experience.

How do you strive to create a gender equal world?
It is important to me that I have different genders within a team to provide balance so I consider what’s needed for a good team dynamic within the recruitment process.

I also think it’s crucial to provide flexible working hours across genders, so that where I have Mums and Dads in a team, they can share the load of childcare pick-ups as needed.

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