IWD2020: Thoughts from Amanda Green at 2XU

We asked our team and clients to mark International Women’s Day by sharing their thoughts on how they can inspire, support and propel women in the workplace.

How do you empower and support women in digital?
I am lucky to work in the eCommerce area where I think by and large we are seeing the shift to women playing a larger part in the industry. To empower and support women in digital it is as simple as being there when they need advice, mentoring and giving credit or bringing attention to the amazing things that they do. Having a workplace that supports women is also critical, as a mother or caregiver it can come with a wider range of responsibilities that need a flexible approach.

How do you think women have propelled innovation in digital?
There are many amazing women in digital that are rarely spoken about, from Ada Lovelace as first computer programmer, to Katherine Johnson (remember the movie Hidden Figures?) right through to Victoria Alonso who makes the Marvel films as amazing as they are.

All of these women are/were passionate about what they do, see the opportunities, the ideas and are driven to succeed by achieving their goals. Their constant questioning and looking at new and better ways of doing things in the digital arena naturally spurred new and innovative ways to do things and challenged the status quo.

How do you strive to create a gender equal world?
My thoughts on creating a gender equal world: Treat others as you want to be treated. Show respect. Interact with each and every person in an equal way. A person’s knowledge, insights and personality is what makes them who they are, not what their gender is.

If you have the ability to influence salaries, legislation, entitlements, do it with the intent that all genders are treated equally and hire people by assessing their potential in terms of unbiased competencies.


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