Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ button exemplifies the power of Generation Consumer

Twitter’s introduction of a ‘Buy Now’ button shows how the habits of modern consumers are changing and being influenced by the online retail landscape, says Tryzens. The retail systems consultancy and service provider states that this development from the social media giant is another example of innovation driven by the continuing consumerisation of technology, with companies recognising the value of more effective targeting of shoppers based on transient opportunity be that a flash sale or a ‘shop the breaking story’ directly based on their online activity.

The inference of the ‘Buy Now’ button is that it enables brands and retailers to sell their products or services direct to their followers from within a Tweet, simplifying and shortening the purchase process and creating buy triggers from outside of a shopping experience. Interestingly, this move is in line with modern online habits regarding social media. Tryzens’ recent research into ‘Generation Consumer’ found that 41 per cent of today’s shoppers primarily use their phones to browse social media, with online shopping typically being reserved for laptops and desktop devices. This new feature appears to be an attempt to capture the new, young mobile shoppers, enabling brands to offer this audience with easy ways to purchase their goods and services and potentially even improve mobile conversion rates.

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens, explained:

“This development from Twitter speaks volumes about the power Generation Consumer has to influence the way in which they interact with brands online. Younger shoppers, aged between 16 and 25, are increasingly using smartphones as their primary point of access to social media, starting and joining conversations, following news and events and communities worldwide both with friends and large brands. With 82 per cent of this demographic owning smartphones, this is a large and valuable market for online retailers to target without having to drive the initial activity to the ecommece site. The ‘Buy Now’ button connects brands with their Twitter followers in a unique way, reaching an interested audience who already trust a brand’s offering.  We have had ‘Shop the look’ for a while, now with the Twitter trends you can in principle create the power to ‘Shop the story!’

“It’s amazing to see how new online habits are directly impacting the ways in which brands seek to interact with their audiences. Twitter has evolved its capability and influence reinforcing what we already believe which is that Generation Consumer is here to stay, which is great news both for online brands and modern shoppers looking to find what they want faster.”

The new button has already been integrated with eCommerce platforms including Demandware and Shopify, with retailers such as Adidas and PacSun being first adopters of the new technology.

Burton concluded: “As more and more retailers start to see the value of targeting consumers with their services, we expect the integration of the solutions like the ‘Buy Now’ button to quickly grow. Connecting product purchases to events, trends, stories and news enables consumers to engage on their interests without being explicitly targeted.  Self-selecting engagement of a sorts that can offer new opportunities for merchandising and marketing by retailers that are simple and relevant – an exciting new paradigm for brands online!”