Cyber Weekend

On the twelfth day of retail Christmas

Our research revealed to us:

Over a quarter of online shoppers did the majority of their Christmas shopping over the Cyber Weekend

 While we are still in the crucial returns window from this year’s Black Friday weekend, early figures suggest UK consumers spent 4% more than last year.

Barclaycard, which processes almost half of the UK’s card transactions, said the total spend was up 4% on last year by 5pm on Black Friday itself and the amount of transactions was up by 6%. (The figure covers all payments, not just those to retailers) While Nationwide, Britain’s biggest building society, said £115m was spent by its customers between midnight and 5.30pm, or £110,000 a minute, up 38% compared with a normal Friday.

Our research indicated that a key part of this was Christmas present shopping. With our research on day 10 indicating price reductions and deals are important to 91% of online shoppers at Christmas, it is therefore unsurprising that Black Friday played a key part.

Preparation for this period is key. As we discussed in our Black Friday round up blog, of the client’s we’ve spoken to so far, they saw healthy year on year growth, with ranges from 38% to 214%.  Over the past few years the Black Friday sales period has become longer, starting days or even weeks before the actual day, offering customers more opportunities to take advantage of discounts whilst offering retailers better sales margins. In light of this, some of our retailers began Black Friday trading earlier in the week, working closely with us to guarantee that the website could easily withstand the expected higher traffic, all the while delivering the performance that consumers have come to expect during purchase.

This blog concludes our 12 Retail Christmas Facts series! To celebrate, we’ve made all the findings available as a handy infographic. You can download it here.