Tryzens and Global-e to simplify cross border e-commerce with launch of IBM Websphere cartridge

A dedicated cartridge to improve the ability of retailers looking for enhanced cross-border functionality has been launched on the IBM Websphere Commerce platform by Tryzens in partnership with cross-border ecommerce specialist Global-e.

The new cartridge for Global-e has been developed with a host of pre-configured options to ensure a rapid application build. It is a dedicated IBM Commerce plug-in, enabling eCommerce brands to reduce the development – or implementation time – for projects based on the IBM Commerce platform, enabling retailers to get their business proposition to market faster and take advantage of international sales opportunities online.

At the heart of the new Global-e cartridge lies a host of preconfigured options that are designed to ensure a rapid application build within the IBM Commerce environment, ensuring retailers can reduce the time it takes to implement and deliver integration projects.

Nir Debbi, Global-e co-founder and CMO, said:

 “We’re excited to be working with Tryzens to bring cross-border ecommerce opportunities to more retailers with the launch of a new quick-to-deploy IBM Websphere cartridge. The global market for cross-border ecommerce is growing rapidly and set to reach $1 trillion by 2020, and retailers of all sizes are starting to recognize the massive business opportunity on offer. To seize this opportunity and drive sales, retailers are looking at how the customer experience of international shoppers can be improved, without requiring huge investment, through the use of cross-border e-commerce solutions. Tryzens have done a fantastic job and we’re excited about the future of our relationship together.”

Global-e enables online retailers to expand internationally at a dramatically reduced cost, while at the same time enabling them to increase conversion rates and therefore revenues. It is the multi-language, multi-currency and multi-payment capability of Global-e that also appeals to the consumer, often looking for a simple yet efficient online shopping experience.