Prepare to perfect peak season performance

Matt Briggs, Head of Service and Support at Tryzens

I’m new to being a dad and have to admit I didn’t know what to expect from fatherhood, but if one thing is certain, there is never a dull moment! This can also be true of running an eCommerce site during peak season. Peak season can be a daunting time for our clients because of its financial importance, but the rewards can be huge.

Many retailers make more than half of their sales and profits in the three months before Christmas, according to Shopping for Christmas 2016 published by Centre for Retail Research. So, as with fatherhood, it is important to be prepared, and to enjoy the ride.

Cyber overdrive

Our Expert Services offer ongoing maintenance and operational support and are designed to ensure our clients are worry free when it comes to their eCommerce platform, particularly during peak season. We have a huge amount of retail experience and understand how our customers feel. We take care of their operational needs, continuously monitor their site, report on performance and proactively resolve any incidents on their behalf. We are thrilled that this work was recognised in our most recent satisfaction survey which showed our clients are extremely happy. During the last peak season, they said they felt well informed about trading and that we fulfilled all of their support needs.

Prepare early

Excellent preparation, vigilance and communication are key to the success of our managed service during peak season. We work with clients months in advance to be confident that their platform will handle peak loads. We understand their businesses and marketing plans and recommend enhancements to improve conversion and increase capacity. We provide capacity forecasting services to show where a platform can get to and to help our clients understand what level of traffic will cause the site to underperform.

The preparation pays off when we go into overdrive for Black Friday. Our unique Trading Operations Centre works around the clock from midnight on Thursday through to the end of Cyber Monday. As well as having people on hand ready to respond to anything that needs our attention, we communicate trading updates and technical performance updates to our clients every few hours to give them peace of mind that their platform is in safe hands during such a critical time.

Real-time data analysis

The Trading Operations Centre gathers a wealth of near real-time commercial data through our proprietary analytics dashboard, TradeState. We collate the information that matters to our clients; presenting this in reports that are quick and easy to digest. We tell them how many customers are on the site, the number of pages being requested, page load times of real customers and the number of orders. We also present the typical user journeys and compare updates with previous data. For international clients, we show how the performance is changing across different time zones and different geographies.

We always aim to spot problems as soon as they occur and we categorise incidents according to their priority. We offer response times depending on the severity and service level commitment requested by our clients.

Our clients know that their eCommerce sites are in safe hands and feel confident that they can enjoy successful peak seasons and continuously improve profitability.

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