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On the seventh retail day of Christmas

Our research showed to us:

Over a quarter of us use smart devices in store to check prices online or even buy from other retailers

A consumer in store, with a physical item in their basket does not guarantee a sale. The ever-growing mobile first preference of consumers allows them to find the best deals at the tap of a button. Our research discovered over a quarter of us use smart devices in store to check prices online or even buy from other retailers. This could be a quite astonishing find for retailers as the general consensus would be once in store, with an item- the end of purchase is pretty much guaranteed.

Now the smartphone has come of age. Improved connectivity, faster processors, bigger and better screens and a huge range of apps have now made its core function one of access to digital content and data rather than voice. It is now a permanent part of a consumers’ day-to-day life. Due to this, consumers have become more savvy in their shopping knowing they can, at the tap of button, have their desired item cheaper due to online discounts or from a completely different retailer.

In order to get ahead retailers will have to ensure they are offering something extra that ensures consumer to brand loyalty. Christmas is one of the most competitive times of the year so it is realistic for their heads to be swayed at the sight of a deal that allow their pound to go further.

So, what can retailers do to ensure customer completes in store purchases?

  1. Ease of navigation on your own website to support checking you are the right retailer to purchase from
  2. Rich multimedia to support the product (such as video, shop the look, zoom levels) and encourage the consumer it is a good purchase, and from you
  3. Optimised search functions to help them find the price on your website faster than competitors
  4. Use of upselling and deals- show the consumer it’s cheaper with you, and if it’s not, they can exploit bundling or other offers
  5. Loyalty cards to support the sale instore
  6. Creativity to exploit brand loyalty (e.g. experiential stores, marketing campaigns- offer something extra to buy in store, use localisation to know that they are)
  7. Utilise a variety of check out options in store (such as collection point, Apple pay) to ease the checkout process

Generation consumer is online all the time, and every aspect of your omnichannel offering counts throughout the whole of the customer journey. When competing with online-only, and often lower overhead retailers, omnichannel retailers must remain creative and be intuitive to customer needs.

You can download the full report of Christmas online shopping behaviour here

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