Christmas Shopping Online

On the first retail day of Christmas

Our research showed to us:

85% of Brits are planning to do at least half of their Christmas shopping online this year

Christmas is coming, and gifts are being purchased. Based on the results of a survey of 1,200 UK consumers commissioned by Tryzens and Magento, 85% of us are planning to do at least half of our Christmas shopping online this year. This means delivering an efficient, engaging eCommerce experience over the festive period is more important than ever.

With a recent report by Internet Retailing finding that the Top 50 Retailers are missing out on £2Bn in online revenue every year due to slow load times on web and mobile and lack of guest checkout, understanding eCommerce feature priorities is key to remaining competitive.

Unlike a physical store where it is much harder to accurately understand consumer behaviour, online retailers have a tremendous opportunity to monitor buying behavior in minute detail and provide online experiences varied by the device, geography and culture to delight customers to purchase, add additional items to their basket and minimize returns. At Christmas, ensure your website has evolved with the seasons, leveraging festive marketing and data to drive traffic and keep customers coming back.

You can download the full report of Christmas online shopping behavior here

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