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On the ninth day of retail Christmas

Our research showed to us:

Did you know that on average 23% of online shoppers value a Christmas gift wrapping service? Men more so than women! 30% vs 19%.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones is only half of the job, the other half is all in the presentation. To make the gift giving season as convenient as possible many retailers now offer instore gift wrapping in store while you wait. Additionally, there is also the option to choose gift wrapping when buying online. Talk about effortless!

Our research found 23% of online shoppers value a Christmas gift wrapping service. With our research already having revealed that 85% of us are doing our Christmas shopping online this year, this is a great opportunity for retailers to prepare for Christmas by figuring out the best way to make their gift wrapping offerings more coveted than the next. For example, providing different levels of gift wrapping packaging-  this allows the consumer the option to opt for the luxury of a premium service as opposed to one basic offering that lacks a sense of exclusivity and sentiment (i.e. handwritten notes).

Our research also found that when it comes to these cherished gift wrapping services there was an increase in men valuing this service in relation to woman as 30% say it was of importance to them compared to 19% of women.

Whether this statistic is due to men being especially concerned with their presentational standards or particularly fond of the absolute ease this service provides, we can’t say, but what can be said is that this opens another window for profitability for retailers. Offering this service on the ‘gifts for her’ section of sites can definitely be an effective form of upselling once the consumer is on the website, or even be the deal breaker for the consumer to remain on the site in the first instance.

With competition already in its peak its paramount that retailers are not only offering consumers various means of fulfilment options but also something extra to sway the consumer to complete the transaction- the comfort of having all desired services in one place is definitely a major key for this shopping season.

You can download the full report of Christmas online shopping behaviour here

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