M.J. Bale

Men’s fashion retailer partners with Tryzens to maximise eCommerce opportunity

Australian premium menswear brand, M.J. Bale, has enlisted the support and expertise of international eCommerce solutions and managed services provider, Tryzens, to maximise the return on its investment in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Since 2009, M.J. Bale offers supremely tailored and intelligently designed formal and ready to wear garments. Based in Sydney, the founder and CEO Matt Jensen has centred the company on the ethos of quality; not solely on product but also on the customer experience.

Recognising that eCommerce was a fundamental pillar of their growth and customer engagement strategy, M.J. Bale sought to enhance their skills and experience of how to leverage the opportunity for growth online whilst staying true to the ethos and pedigree of the brand. Tryzens has taken over the provision of expert services to run and enhance the current Salesforce Commerce Cloud site and ensure that it keeps pace with advances in the market, shifting consumer trends, and is “always available”. The team at M.J. Bale is kept informed through Tryzens unique TradeState real-time analytics service to focus attention on the areas for performance improvement.

Speaking about the partnership, Shannon Luxford, General Manager at M.J. Bale said: “As a fast growing company, we wanted to make sure that we were both exploiting the full potential of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and also had a partner alongside us to help us prioritise enhancements and deliver the advances that support our overall business goals. This enables us to focus on our core activity of designing great products, trading and delivering exceptional customer experience both online and in-store. The focused support and collaborative approach from the Tryzens team has enabled a clear alignment on common goals and a real sense of partnership. At the heart of our relationship is a common desire to deliver an outstanding customer experience on our eCommerce platform that is 100% consistent with our brand values.”

“We are delighted to have been chosen by M.J. Bale as their eCommerce delivery partner to help them deliver on their vision and stay ahead online in what is a highly competitive market.”

Prior to Tryzens, M.J. Bale worked with a local systems integrator, but soon the retailer felt it would benefit from engaging a firm with greater international experience, enabling it to better adapt to modern eCommerce markets and continue delivering quality for its customers.

Shannon said: “The significant international experience, Salesforce Commerce Cloud credentials and round-the-clock nature of Tryzens’ Expert Services means that we can contact them at any time with any issues and know we will receive a positive and informed opinion. What’s more, with their proactive monitoring and alerting as well as TradeState we will be more informed and able to respond to opportunity or issues in near real-time. We will benefit from their feedback on ways in which to improve the site, on a continuous basis. Optimising the customer journey, reducing abandoned baskets and improving product pages are just a handful of the key aspects that we are redefining with the help of Tryzens.”

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens said: “M.J. Bale is not just a modern brand for men, it is a truly modern business that is blending its clear focus on quality and craft and value. It has a great customer experience that is supported through a rich and relevant online capability that is essential to support the modern man.  A real emphasis on high quality runs through every operation at M.J. Bale, so it was critical that they were able to focus on complementing this online for their customers.  We are delighted to have been chosen by M.J. Bale as their eCommerce delivery partner to help them deliver on their vision and stay ahead online in what is a highly competitive market.”

Andy concluded: “eCommerce is experiencing rapid growth in Australia and M.J. Bale have the right attitude and approach to increase market share and drive long term success.”

 About M.J. Bale

 M.J. Bale is a wholly Australian-owned ‘gentlemen’s clothier’ with 54 branded stores located throughout Australia and New Zealand. The brand is synonymous with quality, authenticity and character and boasts a vertical supply chain that includes Australian Merino wool, Italian weaving and Japanese tailoring. M.J. Bale has over 350 staff and the brand’s national flagship store is located in a 19th century heritage-listed building on the corner of Pitt Street, Sydney.