Delivery costs at Christmas

On the fifth retail day of Christmas

Our research showed to us:

Over 43% of online shoppers never factor in delivery costs at Christmas

To thrive in the ever-competitive world of eCommerce, retailers must delight their customers at every stage of the journey – including delivery and beyond – no more so than at Christmas time. Yesterday our research, independently commissioned with Magento, found nine in ten UK shoppers get their online shopping sent to their home address. Today it revealed that over 43% of online shoppers never factor in delivery costs at Christmas. When a delivery is required urgently consumers want the ability to get it as such and they are willing to pay.

This price elasticity for delivery is in direct contrast to the priorities during the rest of the year. According to Tryzens’ latest whitepaper in its Expert Research series, the most important factors for consumers when choosing a delivery method for products bought online are direct delivery to the home or office at any time (67%) followed by whatever option is cheapest (65%). These two options are not mutually exclusive, since ‘any time’ delivery is more convenient for the retailer, it is often cheaper or free of charge.

The consequences for not facilitating fast and flexible delivery are also becoming more clear with over 60% in a recent survey saying they would abandon a purchase if the delivery couldn’t be made in their desired timeframe. Despite the draw of festive cheer, consumers are not as patient as they used to be, and while faster delivery options, such as next day and even same day delivery are helping the industry take huge strides in meeting customer expectations retailers they have to work hard to keep customers coming back.

Our latest Expert Research revealed when it came to delivery options, the number one priority of direct delivery to the home or office, with consumers showing no preference over when. Now more than ever, there’s a strategic imperative to shift goods quickly and efficiently during these busy times, so how can retailers use this to their advantage at the most competitive time of year? When consumers are becoming absorbed in buying the perfect gifts for their loved ones, they rely on the retailer to make the process as easy as possible, and ultimately, deliver what is promised, at a time that suits them.

With discounts and price heavily utilised by retailers to attract shoppers during peak, retailers can balance this reduction in margin with an assessment of the cost of delivery options.

You can download the full report of Christmas online shopping behaviour here

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