Christmas gift

On the eighth retail day of Christmas

Our research showed to us:

56% of us will choose a specific retailer’s website for specific gifts instead of browsing for inspiration- which 40% of us do.

According to our research there is a split in consumer behavior when it comes to hunting down the perfect gift online. With a surprisingly high number of consumers going direct, retailers are capitalizing on brand loyalty, Christmas buying behaviour and ‘showrooming’, where consumers see the items in a physical store before purchasing online. Christmas present purchasing requires a thought process of matching a recipient with a gift- which then extends to matching that gift to a retailer through research.

Once the consumer has decided what they are going to buy for that special someone, search engines and marketing are key to find the specific product. For search engines, this is where the key aspects of a good eCommerce website come in- accurate product description pages, with rich multimedia images and effective search functions all improve SEO, to boost the likelihood of that specific gift being found with the retailer. For marketing, a single view and understanding of the customer helps retailers be ‘front of mind’- utilizing multiple touch points such as social media, paid search, traditional advertising and creating a strong sense of brand. This strong sense of brand results in the retailer being the first place thought of for the particular gift.

In our expert research series, we found that almost 50% of the consumers who participated in the research rely on a search engine and 42% of consumers become aware of specific promotions from email communication. For retailers, having good analytical data helps to spot key performing products- for both views and conversion rates- which could be this year’s top Christmas gift.

For the browsers amongst us, retailers should utilize their understanding of customer journeys and their website for upsell and cross sell opportunities, and use this data for their marketing efforts. ‘Generation Consumer’ are constantly on their devices quickly and easily making purchases and returns, and might spot that perfect Christmas gift along the way if the shopping experience is seamless and the product is presented correctly.

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