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Consumer behaviour online – research

In late 2015, Tryzens commissioned some detailed research into consumer behaviour online, surveying 1,000 individuals. This research is being done again and will serve as an interesting comparison. Since that research is underway it seemed like a perfect time to look back at some of the key findings specifically related to online shopping.

One of the questions asked what consumers like and dislike about online shopping. The research found that 79% of participants said it was the ability to shop at any time. This was closely followed by searching for the best rates (62%), and the range of products (57%). When we looked at what people dislike most about online shopping, there was resounding agreement on the inability to touch and try the product prior to purchase (57%). More interestingly, but unsurprisingly, many consumers voiced security concerns. They had specific reservations about storing card details (29%), and the possibility of the account being hacked (43%). A further area of significant concern was the ability and ease of making returns.

79% of participants liked online shopping for the ability to shop at any time

We know that consumers dislike not being able to see or touch the product before purchase, so a follow up question delivered some interesting insight. The participants were asked which products they specifically prefer to see before purchase. 62% of consumers said they prefer to purchase clothes before purchasing online with just 30% having the same preference for jewellery.

For the most part the results of the research produced nothing unexpected. It will be interesting to see how these results compare to the renewed research for H1 2016.


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